PointClickCare’s cloud-based platform is the industry’s top choice for senior care. This fast-growing company needed a robust solution that could improve the knowledge and retention of its employees on their rapidly expanding product portfolio, while decreasing the time it took to get them billable and ready to take on new customers.

PointClickCare reduced its certification time from 6 months to 6 weeks, while generating $40,000 additional revenue per hire. Read the case study to find out how.

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Here's how Axonify helped PointClickCare

40k revenue

Additional revenue generation per hire

Reduced certification time from 6 months to 6 weeks

Knowledge growth of sales team


Knowledge growth of professional services team


Melissa Jackson

Director of Professional Services,
Education, PointClickCare

“The most substantial impact we’ve had with Axonify is the ability to get our professional services employee certification time — from time of hire to being billable — down significantly.”

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