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Exceptional employee experience drives the best customer experience

Analysts predict that customer experience (CX) will overtake price and produces as the #1 brand differentiator by 2021. But 70% of all CX transformations fail due to employee resistance.

Employee experience (EX) matters

Disengaged employees:

Engaged employees:

What makes employees feel most engaged?

Open communication

When you broadcast targeted message in real time that keep all associates on the same page regarding what’s happening in the business, they feel confident that they understand the significance of their roles

Alignment to mission

When you clearly communicate your organization’s vision, mission and values, they feel connected to their team and the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, why it matters and how they can contribute.

Strong onboarding and ongoing training

When you provide a positive onboarding experience and then keep the learning going by feeding them bite-sized bursts of information that are easy to remember, they feel positive from day one and equipped with the knowledge and confidence to do the right things on the frontlines every day.

Recognition and rewards

When you ingrain recognition, healthy competition and rewards into your culture, they feel appreciated, recognized and highly motivated to keep self-challenging, meeting goals and winning.

Engaged employees = Happy customers

Invest in a platform that lets you effectively engage them without pulling them away from the place you need them to perform.

See how leading retailers are investing in employee engagement to drive winning CX:

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