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The tools your team needs to build a consistently performing workforce.

Axonify comes packed with must-have features for today’s digital environment.

Axonify TRAIN
Axonify Reinforce
Axonify Communicate

Get the parts on a LMS you need, and none you don’t. Our mobile LMS focuses on delivering a streamlined experience that fits into the workflow of your frontline people. It cuts through the noise to quickly onboard, cross train and upskill your people on the ground with must-have knowledge to lower employee turnover and improve your customer satisfaction.

Our brains just aren’t built to remember a full 1hour+ dump of information. Axonify Reinforce goes beyond one and done training, with a personalised, adaptive learning model that leverages microlearning and over 6 game mechanics to get your employees to actually remember critical on the job information when it matters most.

Good communication is your bridge between engagement and customer experience. Axonify Communicate is a two-way communication platform that gives employees the social media-style experience they love with ability to get feedback from them, and the business the checks and balances they need to keep everyone informed and productive at work.

Keep your workforce productive with the best digital workplace

“Training designed with the frontline in mind.”

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“Axonify gives us a better way to engage our employees.”

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Universal features

These essential tools are available to all Axonify users, no matter what package you choose.

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Access data points that matter to you and your workforce at any time. Uncover meaningful coaching opportunities, easily spot top performers, and get real-time insights on the business impact of training.


Put an end to spending hours creating content from scratch. With Axonify, you’ll have access to Content Marketplace Essentials which includes over 500 topics. Need more than what’s in our library? Tap into our specialty partner libraries.


Across every product you’ll have full administrative control which includes customisable branding, multi-language support, translations, reward management and overall platform configuration.

Fuel performance with the Axonify digital app that works