The all-in-one platform that will keep your Finance and insurance firm ahead of the competition

Finally, a digital solution that handles internal communication, training, and task execution, all from a single platform. Use the 360° dashboard to track staff training, send targeted communications, and deliver the skills your staff need to really shine. Smart tech that keeps your people ahead of the learning curve when working in the demanding field of financial and insurance services. Give your workforce the information and skills they need to deliver the best customer service, while remaining compliant to the strict standards of the financial planning, banking and insurance industry plus the regulations from government authorities.

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What Axonify provides for Finance and Insurance


Send out regular updates, be it the latest video message from head office, relevant economic announcements, or news on upcoming regulatory changes with our internal comms solution. Checking industry news can become as normal for users as checking their favourite news apps or social media platforms. Keep your teams connected and deliver the info that keeps your staff in the know about latest trends.


Increasing product complexity, new ways of doing business, and geographic distance make rolling out training a huge challenge in the finance and insurance industry. It’s frustrating to wait months to deliver training that you need to roll out now. From inducting new staff to providing refresher training, we develop skills in an engaging way that best helps your staff serve your customers.


Keep your finance and insurance workforce focused on what needs to get done in your retail locations and customer service centres to drive operational execution at scale. Get oversight at what may be a risk with our task management solution that streamlines processes, improves quality, and ensures staff consistently executes on your brand promise. All of this while reducing the strain on your managers to conduct task oriented pre shift huddles.

Don’t let your staff knowledge drop behind in finance’s competitive world

The finance and insurance industry changes perhaps quicker than any other. The range of new products can be bewildering, even for those working inside the industry – let alone for customers. Keep staff up to speed with every evolving development with tailored training delivered regularly in personalised packets of information. Make sure your staff have the awareness they need.

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Use reinforcement to drive the messaging home

Being able to run a piece of training once and hoping it will stick is idealistic, not realistic. Knowing how the human brain work, we carefully monitor progress and redeliver information in digestible chunks (often just 3-5 minutes a day). This way knowledge is not lost over time but is strengthened and built on. Why hope something will stick when you can ensure it does?

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Don’t cross your fingers with compliance

No other markets move as quickly or extremely as finance and being at the heart of all business, the consequences of things going wrong can be profound. The resulting compliance demands can seem overwhelming for you and your people. Use the platform’s communication features to ensure information is prioritised, delivered, and delivered again, so no one falls through the knowledge gap.

Launch with confidence

We’ll partner closely with you to build a financial services or insurance comms and training program that delivers the KPIs you care about most. No matter your size or stage, we’ll share what we’ve learned working with other institutions, to help you get the most out of Axonify. From planning a successful launch of learning and development initiatives to supporting your ongoing compliance training efforts and more, you can count on us to meet your comms and training needs every step of the way.

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