What Axonify delivers for retailers


Send out regular updates, be it the latest video message from the CEO, a new product update, or a coming market trend. Reading the company news can become as habitual for users as checking their favourite news apps or social media platforms. Ensure your teams are connected and deliver the info that keeps those tills ringing.


Staggered shifts, modern levels of staff turnover, geographical distance and many other factors make rolling out training a huge challenge for the contemporary retailer. You don’t want to be waiting months to deliver a training day when you need it doing now. From inducting new staff to providing refresher training, we develop skills in a fun way that gets results.


Keep your retail staff focused on what needs to get done in your stores, distribution centres and on the deliveries to drive operational execution at scale. Get oversight at what may be a risk with our task management solution that streamlines processes, improves quality, and ensures staff consistently executes on your brand promise. All of this while reducing the strain on local managers to conduct task oriented pre shift huddles.

“Many team members asked about the possibility of using their phones. We recognised right away that we needed a more digital approach to learning that would meet our team members where they were.”

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Energise in-store product launches

Get product news to the shop floor on time and in snack-sized chunks. Keep the whole team in the loop and chase if messages do go unread. Pre-empt customer questions by equipping associates with all the info they need to answer them. Dig into the reasons why a launch has worked well in one store but not another. Our digital dashboard gives you the feedback, levers, and pulleys you need to control launches in a fully comprehensive multi-dimensional way.

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Simplify seasonal worker onboarding

Smoothly onboard staff and build job familiarity at record speed. Whether your workforce is seasonal or yearlong, plan ahead and roll out training and comms that get your new joiners customer-ready in minimal time. Spot issues before they develop into problems and quickly ID resources that are delivering maximum value.

Content that actually works with your training programs

Our Retail Essentials library is filled with hundreds of topics to help your associates deliver a consistent, standout customer experience. And it works. On average our marketplace training content boosts baseline knowledge levels by 20%. Combined with content from retail industry partners like The Retail Doctor, Mohr Retail, Vado, BizLibrary and OpenSesame, you’ll have all the content you need to get started.

Communicate directly with your retail staff

Keep the lines of communication open, so your shop floor teams are ready for anything. Push out consistent, timely updates from HQ right to your associates—no email address required. You choose who should see the message, with targeting at the employee, team, store and organisation level. Get feedback directly from your teams on the ground as well to ensure two-way communication rather than simply a top down approach.

Improve store sales with training programs that last just a few minutes a day

Traditional LMS features don’t fit with the busy shifts of your retail employees. Get them in and out of Axonify as quickly—and efficiently—as possible. Your training materials are completely tailored to their individual needs, with gamification features to make the experience stick, so they stay focused on the things they need to know to drive conversions and increase basket size. The best part? Training on our retail LMS software only takes 3-5 minutes a day.

Strengthen staff retention

For all the benefits of a flexible workforce, retention continues to eat away at profits. Help associates feel more engaged with daily targeted messaging, and tailored training with individualised feedback. The convenient and on hand nature of the mobile app makes necessary tasks enjoyable and meeting targets instantly rewarding. Gamification and a compelling convenience team up to make people feel more connected and give them extra reasons to stay.

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You’re in good company

Retail businesses around the globe are sold on the benefits of training and communications that actually work. Retailers see, on average, 83% of employees logging in 2-3x per week.

Let’s create your retail dream team of shop floor associates who drive success.