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A learning management system is only as good as the content you put into it. So we’ve got lots of flexible options to stock your platform with training and elearning content that gets your people doing the right things. Tap into our ready-to-go content marketplace, repurpose your existing libraries or build your own custom content creation plan with our learning experts.

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Access one of the largest libraries of workforce-focused employee training content

We get it: training content creation is a time suck. Get more of your time—and budget—back by working with an Instructional Designer to create content that moves the dial on things you care about. Since it’s proven to boost baseline knowledge by 20%, you’ll see the difference in your workforce performance, which is awesome for improving your bottom-line results. And it’s all available on day one.

Take a peek inside the Axonify Content Marketplace

Axonify Content Essentials
Develop foundational skills and reduce turnover

Our Essentials Content library is stocked with elearning content to keep your employees safe, protect your business and grow your frontline team. Build critical skills on your frontlines with a wide range of topics, from workplace etiquette to time management.

Sample topics:

  • Diversity in the workplace
  • How to support employees who feel burnt out 
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • How to work from home 
  • How to create an empathetic customer experience 

Explore a sample of the Content Essentials catalog

Grocer Essentials
Ensure associates are safe and productive in their roles

Leverage grocery content designed to help you reduce shrink, decrease safety incidents and boost customer satisfaction. From how to stock bananas to best practices around taking custom cake orders, you’ll find a wide range of topics to quickly stock your platform with new content for every associate.

Sample topics:

  • Grocery bagging techniques using reusable and paper bags 
  • Receiving food deliveries – inspecting the delivery 
  • Meat slicer – operation safety
  • Preparing shelves for stocking in a retail food environment 
  • Handling and displaying bananas 

Explore a sample of the Grocery Essentials catalog

Retail Essentials
Help associates perform better and adapt to the rapidly changing retail landscape

Other learning management systems don’t meet the realities of a fluid retail workforce. Tap into our expansive elearning content catalogue to help your retail associates deliver a consistent customer experience that keeps pace with evolving customer expectations. From age-restricted selling to loss prevention, you’ll have access to the right online learning program for every role to get your associates doing the right things for your business.

Sample topics:

  • Acknowledging and engaging customers 
  • Positive language for customer service 
  • Upselling / cross-selling: best practices
  • Preventing loss during a transaction 
  • Checking customer identification 

Explore a sample of the Retail Essentials catalog

F&I Essentials
Make advisors your biggest competitive advantage

Keep your financial service and insurance workforce agile and compliant with our F&I Essentials library. Whether you’re delivering elearning content to sharpen their existing skills or taking a blended learning approach to re-skilling and cross-training, you’ll have the content you need to get them performing confidently and ready for whatever comes next.

Sample topics:

  • Understanding Financial Identity Theft 
  • How A Credit Score is Calculated 
  • Understanding Common Investment Products: ETFS 
  • Leadership Essentials: Interview Techniques for Offices 
  • The Basics of Insurance 

Explore a sample of the F&I Essentials catalog

Contact Centre Essentials
Improve agent performance and customer satisfaction

Use our Contact Centre Essentials library to help agents build the skills and knowledge they’ll need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. From active listening to customer empathy, you’ll have all of the elearning content to start training more confident advisors.

Sample topics:

  • How to create an empathetic customer experience
  • Washing your hands 
  • An introduction to Net Promoter Score (NPS) 
  • Telephone etiquette essentials 
  • Time management best practices

Explore a sample of the Contact Centre Essentials catalog

Professional Sales Essentials
Improve performance and drive sales

Build a high-performing sales team with training and elearning content from our Professional Sales Essentials library. Access a wide range of topics from the basics of selling to advanced customer service and communication skills.

Sample topics:

  • How to engage in a successful sales conversation 
  • Words to use during sales and promotions 
  • Telephone etiquette essentials  
  • How to overcome sales objections 
  • Effective questioning 

Explore a sample of the Professional Sales Essentials catalog

HR Essentials
Reduce turnover and build leadership capacity

Our HR Essentials library is stocked with content to keep your employees safe, protect your business and grow your line managers. Build foundational knowledge on your frontlines with a wide range of topics, from workplace etiquette to time management.

Sample topics:

  • Harassment in the workplace 
  • Social media awareness 
  • Maintaining mental health during difficult times 
  • How to give effective feedback 
  • Transitioning from a peer to a leader 

Explore a sample of the HR Essentials catalog

Safety Essentials
Keep employees safe and mitigate risk

Protect your organisation and your employees with content from our Safety Essentials library geared to help them learn how to perform their duties safely and productively. Access a wide range of topics that span best practices in food safety, first aid, fire safety, safe lifting, fall prevention and tons more.

Sample topics:

  • Preventing contamination 
  • Foodborne illness
  • General electrical safety tips 
  • How to use a fire extinguisher 
  • Safe lifting techniques 
  • Slip, trip, and fall prevention 
  • Pallet jack safety – inclines, loading docks, parking 
Engage employees with ongoing skill development

Keep employees engaged with content that helps them continue to build their leadership skills, whether they’re currently managing a team or you’re preparing them for their next role in your organisation. From feedback and SMART goals to performance improvement plans, you’ll have everything you need to prepare them for their next role in your organisation.

Sample topics:

  • New leader: transitioning from a peer to a leader 
  • How to give effective feedback 
  • How to terminate an employee
  • Performance improvement plans 
  • SMART goals 

Plus, leverage content from industry-leading partners including The Networking Company, MOHR Retail, BizLibrary and OpenSesame.

Human Skills
Build stronger, well-rounded teams

Soft skills are anything but soft. They’re essential for your team to effectively interact with colleagues and customers. From empathy and communication skills to active listening, you’ll have all of the content you need to build the right mix of skills to drive employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Sample topics:

  • Using empathetic statements 
  • Creating an empowering working atmosphere 
  • Time management 
  • Remaining calm and patient during difficult situations 
Mohr Retail
The Networking Co
Open Sesame

Expand your content catalogue with thousands of additional topics through our partners

Retail sales expertise. Customer service and sales performance. Leadership skills and communication best practices. You name it, our partners have it. Tap into thousands of industry-leading subjects that will keep your learners engaged, from leaders like The Retail Doctor, OpenSesame and more.

The Retail Sales Advantage Bundle by Retail Doctor

The Retail Sales Advantage Bundle provides 10 of The Retail Doctor’s best topics to give your associates the confidence they need to create meaningful connections with customers and sell more. Elearning content topics range from presenting features and benefits to upselling and dealing with objections.

Our content is proven to drive the results you’re after. Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got the stats to back it up.

Customers who use our out-of-the-box content saw an average of 20% lift in employees’ baseline knowledge

Hand washing content was created and delivered within 48 hours of pandemic shutdown. Plus, it boosted employees’ hand washing knowledge by 15%

More than half of all Axonify customers leverage our content marketplace to drive results

Create learning content in half the time

We’re on a mission to make it easier for you to build and deploy learning content so that your team can keep pace with business change. Content Assistant helps your team generate new reinforcement questions and answers in a fraction of the time. They can upload .TXT, .DOCX or Text-based PDF files that Content Assistant’s AI scans and then suggests key learning points and questions designed to work with Axonify’s approach which uses reinforcement to make learning stick.

Give new life to your existing learning management system

Already have training and elearning content? Our results-driven approach to content creation will help you get the most out of your existing libraries. We’ll take a look at what you have, then figure out the best way to provide content in Axonify that matters most to your employees.

Level up with custom elearning content

There are some things that just can’t be captured with out-of-the-box elearning and training content, like the qualities that make your products, services and experiences unique. Don’t sweat it. You can work with our team of Instructional Designers—or use our built-in content tools—to optimise content delivery and provide a great online learning or blended learning experience that helps your employees remember to do the things that make your business stand out. We can help you get more out of your SCORM standard learning management systems.

See the difference workforce focused content makes.