An employee engagement platform that increases retention

Improve the employee experience (and boost morale) by helping them fit in fast, investing in their performance and growth, and keeping the lines of communication open—all through a digital app they love to use, so you can feel confident your efforts are creating more engaged employees and a happy workforce. Get an oversight of how you’re going with your workforce, engagement and confidence data dashboards, and feedback survey from the ground floor. Know what to do quickly to keep turnover levels low, reduce recruitment costs, and build a workplace that employees want to stay in.

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An employee engagement solution that starts them off strong

Improve the employee experience by turning the onboarding information dump to laser-focused. Keep it short and focused on only the things they need to know to feel confident performing in their new roles during their first few shifts.

Increase employee engagement and development

Deliver fun, personalised bursts of communication and training content with employee engagement software right in the flow of work on the devices that work best for them. Plus, get meaningful insights about engagement data and employee feedback to help determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Show them the big picture

Help them understand their role in bringing your brand promises to life with consistent, clear employee communication and performance management delivered in the same employee engagement platform they train in every day.

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Employee engagement strategies to keep employees engaged

A digital workspace that keeps onboarding focused and fast

Boost engagement and employee satisfaction by turning onboarding into a fun-focused experience. Use Axonify’s employee engagement solutions, like learning paths, reinforcement and continuous training, to simplify the onboarding experience and improve employee engagement while protecting your bottom line.

Wondering how to increase employee engagement?

Your efforts will only make an impact if you can reach employees where they are. An unprecedented 83% of Axonify users log in to train 2-3 times a week.

What is an employee engagement platform?

An employee engagement platform is a digital tool or system that is used to enhance employee engagement and collaboration within an organisation. An employee engagement app typically includes features such as social networking, collaboration tools, and gamification to help employees connect with each other, share ideas, and work together to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Who uses an employee engagement platform?

If your company is looking to implement or expand employee engagement initiatives, employee engagement tools are a great solution for businesses and HR departments of all sizes. That said, it can be harder for bigger companies to unify their workforce. 

Generally speaking, employees are more engaged when they feel like they’re part of a team working towards a common goal. However, this can be difficult to encourage in larger organisations that are more divided. Having a tool that can bring together employees who work on different floors or in other parts of a company can be extremely beneficial in this regard.

What are the benefits of an employee engagement platform?
  • Improved communication: Employee engagement platforms can provide a central location for staff members to access information, share ideas, and collaborate with their colleagues. This can help to improve communication and collaboration within the organisation.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: Employee engagement platforms can provide employees with a convenient and engaging way to connect with their colleagues and learn about the organisation’s goals, policies, and procedures. This can help to improve employee engagement and motivation.
Additional benefits
  • Increased productivity: Employee engagement platforms can provide staff members with access to the tools and resources they need to be more productive in their roles. This might include collaboration tools, task management systems, and access to relevant data and information.
  • Improved employee retention: By providing employees with an engaging and convenient way to connect with their colleagues and learn about the organisation, employee engagement platforms can help to improve employee retention and reduce turnover.
  • Enhanced employee experience: Employee engagement platforms can help to enhance the overall employee experience by providing employees with a convenient and engaging way to connect with their colleagues and learn about the organisation. This can help to improve employee satisfaction and morale.