Internal communication system

An employee communication solution for your entire deskless workforce

Consistently reaching your team on the ground is no easy task. Axonify’s Communication tool helps you reach employees in different locations or departments. Internal communication is two-way as you receive feedback from your workforce, who are interacting with your customers and executing your strategy. Our solution helps you streamline your internal comms strategy keeping your business agile while improving both the employee and customer experience.


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Keep your workforce and HQ teams connected with
internal communications (no email required)

Most employee communication tools are disconnected from the systems shift workers use every day. You’ll have the power to give your workforce one hub for two-way communications through which they can access important announcements, product – promotions information to stay informed and surveys and chat features to feel connected. Leverage communication insights to make strategic decisions on what internal communications to share and when.

Boost employee engagement

Employee experience matters. Stronger employee engagement means higher productivity, lower absenteeism and happier employees who are ready to bring your brand promises to life. Use internal communications to improve employee engagement and your relationship with your large deskless workforce.

A social feed they’ll love

Nudges help them get up to speed quickly and then get back on the job. In fact, the average time spent on nudges per session is only 36 seconds (so you don’t have to worry about internal communications taking them away from where they’re needed most).

Supercharge team conversations with targeted internal communications tools

Company-wide communications and collaboration with different locations, departments and teams is a breeze with Axonify. Our employee communication solution lets administrators send messages, directly from their internal communication tools, to the right groups at the right times—every time.

Employee communication tools that show you what’s working

Monitor workforce sentiment using detailed engagement analytics and individual feedback. With these insights, you’ll be able to identify trends across the organisation and understand what content is driving the most engagement—so you can ditch the guesswork and improve the employee experience by giving your people what they want to see and what they need to know.

Train and engage – all in one place

What makes our mobile-first employee communication solution different? It’s an internal communication that brings training and engagement together at last. Employees log into Axonify on their company or mobile devices at the beginning of every shift, making it the perfect place to share new updates and information. No need to stack on or integrate other internal communication tools to reach your engagement goals.

“We’ve actually been able to reduce a lot of cost in the organisation while, at the same time, increasing productivity and engagement of associates because we’re able to get the message out faster.”


Axonify Communicate will help you elevate your employee communication solution to the next level. Here’s what you can expect.


Posts lets cross-functional teams instantly share quick, informal updates in the timelines of communities they belong to, through an easy-to-use, social media-style internal communications platform.

Flex Communities

Enhance the individual employee experience. Your people will only see relevant posts and internal comms curated for them based on which communities they’re in. Internal communicators can create communities based on the business needs/structure and define access roles within each community, including who can view, edit, moderate internal communications.


Timeline is a consolidated, chronological feed of new (and updated) Articles and Posts. The timeline helps surface important and relevant information in an easy-to-consume format and gives employees an opportunity to engage as defined by you.


Your workforce will be able to give props and ask clarifying questions through reactions and comments. All of your views/reactions/comments are tracked so you can see what’s working and what’s not. Communicating sensitive information and don’t want comments? No worries, just turn them off for that specific Community.


Identify trends across the organisation and understand what internal content is driving the most engagement.

We can’t wait to see what your
organisation can achieve.

Key benefits of an internal communication system

There are many benefits to internal communication software. Furthermore, the different solutions and systems to choose from are as diverse as the organisations implementing them. However, its potential cannot be ignored. Internal communications software can help keep your workforce engaged, motivated, and united. In times of insecurity or change, it can be the glue that gets your organisation through tough times. Effective internal communication systems focus on reaching and engaging employees through various channels.