Build the most confident, high-performing workforce with refresher training that sticks

Axonify Reinforce trains your people on the top things you need them to know, using focused, bite-sized bursts of information and other techniques proven by science to make learning memorable. Sustain their knowledge and confidence with spaced repetition driven by machine learning and personalised microlearning content that helps your team remember what they need to know, from onboarding and beyond.

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A training reinforcement program to take your workforce from novice to expert in no time

You invest a lot in training programs, but research shows employees are more likely to forget what they’ve learned if it isn’t reinforced—this is known as the forgetting curve. Help employees remember more with 3-5 minutes of daily training reinforcement that’s spaced out over time and actually works to make people remember what they’ve learned.

Personalised training

We constantly measure what each employee knows, and what they don’t, along with how confident they are in their knowledge. Using that data, we personalise training to each employee so your entire workforce can retain information better and can easily remember what to do in the moments that matter most to your business.

Measure confidence too

When your workforce is over confident in the wrong knowledge and under confident in the right knowledge it hurts your customer satisfaction and, ultimately, your bottom line. And in some businesses, over confidence in the wrong answer can lead to serious consequences like safety and regulatory compliance.  That’s why confidence-based assessments are a critical part of our algorithm.

Improve engagement and participation

An unprecedented 83% of Axonify users log in to train 2-3 times a week. Why? Because they love the experience. Turn on gamification to let employees train in a more personalised and engaging way. Use leaderboards to fuel friendly competition among individuals and teams, and offer rewards to your top learners.

Company-wide, team and individual communications

It’s great to keep your team actively participating in their reinforcement learning, but what about keeping them up to date on organisational news and updates? With Reinforce you can easily send out message updates to the entire organisation, specific teams and individuals.

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Did you know?

52% of the business impact from training in Axonify comes from the daily adaptive reinforcement learning(i.e., the fact that the training is fresh and continuously reinforced).

People forget 90% of what they learned after 30 days if the information isn’t reinforced.

The average knowledge lift across all customers in 2020.

Axonify Reinforce includes a mix of features to encourage learning


The reinforcement learning algorithm delivers personalised content designed to drive business-critical behaviour change, and uses brain science techniques proven to make learning stick.

Discover / Articles

Your workforce needs to have important information at their fingertips. With Discover, they’ll be able to access articles, videos and other critical notes from within Axonify.


Make learning fun by incorporating game mechanics into your training reinforcement programs. Games, leaderboards and rewards during the learning experience help keep participants engaged and coming back for more.

LearnerZone Rewards

The rewards of a reinforcement program go beyond better retention. Employees engage in learning while earning points by answering questions which they can use to bid on auction items, enter into raffle draws, play spin-to-win or shop for company swag.

Content Assistant

Content Assistant is an AI-powered, built-in tool that helps content creators push out high-quality reinforcement learning question content within the platform in just a few clicks.

What is refresher training?

Refresher training is retraining in a subject you have previously trained to refresh your memory and ensure that your knowledge is current. Refresher courses can be used for almost any type of training program or intervention. Still, it is often used in compliance and safety training, where there are often requirements for annual refresher training or periodic retraining. It can help to keep important knowledge fresh in employees’ minds and reinforce and embed more complex organisational procedures and processes.

Why is refresher training important?

Numerous problems can arise in businesses when employees ignore knowledge gaps, such as policies and procedures. These can include costly mistakes, miscommunication, and physical injuries in some cases – where safety knowledge is lacking. Therefore, it is essential to provide retraining in the workplace to refresh employees’ knowledge and cover new topics.

In addition, learners often report being unable to remember key learning points after a training session. This is not surprising, as employees quickly forget what they learn in training sessions. The forgetting curve should be taken into account – this is the reality that employees forget what they learn in training sessions overtime.

Let’s stop info dumps and give your
employees training they’ll actually remember.