Drive operations at scale with task management

Deliver the best outcomes with Axonify’s task management solution. Keep your staff focused on the right tasks and get oversight into what may be at-risk.
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Key benefits of task management for your workforce

Enhance process

Streamline processes, improve quality, and ensure staff consistently executes on your brand promise

Enable managers

Reduce the strain on managers and optimise pre-shift team huddles

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Drive performance

Prioritise profitability and expansion in the face of rising costs and supply chain delays

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Operational consistency, made easy

Improve consistency of execution by operationalising processes, ensuring accountability and tracking task completion. Centralising guided task execution with two-way internal communications and training in a single digital solution makes it easy for your workforce on the ground to get the knowledge and tools they need to execute consistently and confidently on the job.

Enable staff to execute tasks correctly, the first time

Your staff wants to know exactly what’s expected of them on a daily basis. Embedding task management into their frontline enablement platform ensures that they have everything they need to do their job. Here’s how your workforce can use Axonify to execute consistently and confidently:

  • Staff members see tasks assigned to them and their team
  • They access supporting material and resources through links
  • They mark their assigned tasks as complete
  • Completion metrics are shared with head office, and team members can be recognised for high task completion rates
Unburden managers to focus on driving business outcomes

Unburden and empower managers to focus on tactical initiatives

Now more than ever, managers are wearing a lot of hats. Without a workforce enablement solution in place, they’re disseminating key updates and information, while manually monitoring task execution. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for tactical strategy and workforce leadership. Here’s how your managers can use Axonify to unburden and focus on driving business outcomes:

  • Managers manage their team’s checklists including company-mandated or suggested tasks, and their own custom tasks
  • They leverage the checklist to drive pre-shift team huddles
  • They monitor progress on task completion and reinforce desirable behaviour

Operationalise processes at scale

Operational consistency is possible, no matter how big your workforce organisation. With Axonify’s task execution solution, it’s simple and easy to streamline and standardise processes, monitor task completion, and even predict event success, at scale. Here’s how:

  • Deploy mandatory or suggested tasks (and supplementary resources) at the company-wide or regional level
  • Track task completion at scale, quickly identifying knowledge gaps or engagement issues
  • Use proactive insights to gauge team readiness (and course-correct as needed) for upcoming key events, like product launches or menu changes

What is task management software?

Task management software is used to help project managers manage tasks, estimation and scheduling, task dependencies, time tracking, resource management and milestones, and make decisions when changes in priority are needed.

There are many different types of task management software, and it is crucial to understand your needs to ensure you get a tool that will improve your productivity instead of simply creating more work.

Companies use project management software to enhance productivity by streamlining the project management lifecycle. Task management tools help with this by breaking projects down into tasks that are assigned to specific resources with different goals and milestones.

Benefits of task management software

Task management software not only allows you to keep track of every detail of task management from a centralised location, but it also offers other advantages, such as:

  • Reduced risk of information loss: The sheer volume of documents, passwords and additional information you and the task assignees share can be overwhelming. But with a task management tool, all that information is stored in one place, so there’s less risk of something getting lost.
  • Delegation made easy and improved collaboration: You don’t have to email team members or summon them to your office to delegate individual tasks. When you assign a task using a task management tool, the team member will get a notification. And you can use the comments section to collaborate on team tasks remotely.
  • One of the most notable advantages of a task management tool is the ability to prioritise and schedule tasks for your employees. Your team members may find it difficult to change between tasks. Prioritisation enables team members to manage their time more efficiently and provides them with a better understanding of task progress and the order in which task assignments should be completed.
  • Another benefit of a task management tool is that it can improve focus. This is because it allows tasks to be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks that are easier to focus on.

Learn how Axonify can meet the unique task management needs of your organisation.