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Axonify Training is a mobile Learning Management System (LMS) that cuts through the noise to quickly onboard your teams with must-have training and education that gets them delivering services faster, building their skills and providing excellent customer experiences.

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Workforce training that engages

Provide faster, more effective onboarding

Long, boring courses don’t cut it when you’re trying to get new hires up to speed and ready to contribute to your business’ services. Instead, give your staff on the ground training that pulls the right mix of topics, events and on-the-job activities into structured learning paths that set your people up for success. Learners can easily see where to start and what they’ll need to do to stay on track to start contributing in their roles.

Make compliance training a breeze

Give your employees compliance course training that’s intuitive and easy to complete, while ensuring greater retention of the training. Automate the compliance process so management can spend less time worrying about training completion check boxes and put more resources into higher-value initiatives.

Close skill gaps

Support your workforce with ongoing skill development, courses and education that helps them do their jobs well today, then prepares them with the skills they need for whatever comes next—whether it’s a new business challenge or the cross skilling them for another area of your operations.

Collect actionable insights

Check the pulse on your workforce training with data into course completion rates, engagement, scores, compliance progress and milestones. This makes it easier for line managers to spot the right coaching opportunities, so they can make the most of their one-on-one training time with their team members.


Advantages of learning management systems

Learning management systems increase efficiency in the learning process, giving instructors more time to focus on the progress of each individual learner.

  • By digitising the learning process, LMSs save money that would otherwise be spent on materials like notebooks and copies.
  • LMSs also provide learners with the flexibility to study from anywhere, increasing mobility.
  • As learning becomes more digital, it also becomes more interesting with the inclusion of video tutorials, clips, and gamification.
  • LMSs make it easy to manage information, making it quick and accurate to access.
“Instead of taking weeks and months, we are able to complete 80-90% of standard certifications within just a few days.”


Chief Learning Officer

Training on Axonify comes packed with must-have features for professional development in today’s digital environment

Learning Paths

With learning paths, you can pull together a mix of modules, questions/tests and tasks to teach your employees what they need to know well to perform better.


Blend certifications into onboarding paths to give each employee a friendlier introduction to your culture, systems and procedures, helping you better manage and report on compliance.


Leverage a blended learning experience by including instructor-led (classroom or virtual) events as part of your teams’ regular training and development.


Leverage surveys to get an idea of how things are going on the ground with your workforce and to gather feedback on how to make your organisation better.

“Our onboarding ramp time reduced dramatically, from 35 days before Axonify to 10 days after Axonify. That’s saving us thousands of dollars per person.”



What is a learning management system?

A learning management system (LMS) is an online training system designed to create, administer, and distribute learning experiences to specific individuals or departments within an organisation. It is frequently used to provide digital learning (also known as e-learning), which administrators either design themselves or commission external help to create.  

LMS systems allow organisations to exercise control over learning and development, employee training, and employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle and journey.

In other words, learning systems can do training, engaging, and developing your in a simpler and more convenient way. You can oversee all your training activities, monitor physical events, and also create digital training to supplement the events happening on the ground.  

Some of the most popular features of these learning platforms include creative learning content builders, mobile versions and analytical reporting tools. The tracking and measuring of employee development with people analytics is crucial for companies today.

Who needs an LMS?

Learning management software is commonly used by businesses to digitise the learning process. LMS tools simplify administration by consolidating instructors and learners onto a single platform, reusing digital learning materials to save costs, and creating more interactive online courses that promote high participation and knowledge retention levels.

An LMS is the most efficient way to run an online learning program, both for administrators and learners. One-off solutions such as video tutorials on YouTube, instructional documents, and webinars can only take you so far.

While you can share some information this way, you will never be able to create an organised learning program without the tools that an LMS provides. Switching from in-person or informal online learning programs to a comprehensive online learning system will give your learning programs a significant boost in efficiency and effectiveness.

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