It’s hard out there for an L&D practitioner. With so many conflicting demands and constant additions to the technology landscape there always seem to be more questions than answers. So we decided to create a webinar series to answer the ones that come up, again and again.

This is not your ordinary webinar. Instead of talking to you for an hour, you get to participate and share with your peers.

What: During each webinar, we’ll be bringing together L&D professionals to discuss and answer the real day-to-day problems learning professionals face and what to do about them.

Who: This interactive series will be moderated by Axonify’s Chief Learning Architect, JD Dillon, and a select group of guest speakers.

Why: Join these sessions to share your solutions, interact with other professionals, and take away actionable insights for your organization.

Register today for any one of our interactive webinars below! 

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