2020 ATD International Conference & Expo

May 17, 2020 | Location: Denver, CO | USA

The world comes together to learn at the ATD International Conference & EXPO. At this exceptional talent development event, you will learn from the best. Our keynote speakers are among the most successful business people in the world. We also welcome more than 300 world-renowned session speakers. In our EXPO Hall, more than 400 vendors showcase innovative technology and solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Perform Today, Develop for Tomorrow: Finding the Balance in Modern Workplace Learning | Time tbd.

Workplace learning is a strategic balancing act. First, people need support to do their everyday jobs. This includes a range of activities, from onboarding and compliance training to performance support and coaching. At the same time, employees must look to the future and develop the knowledge and skills needed to take on their next roles. Unfortunately, employees are often unable to find this balance. The hectic, frustrating realities of everyday work keeps people distracted from their long-term goals. This instability varies based on job type. Corporate employees in the home office may have access to a dynamic range of development programs but lack meaningful day-to-day support. At the same time, frontline employees receive either no training after onboarding or just what they need day-to-day and therefore cannot focus on long-term development. This lack of equilibrium causes declines in engagement, increased turnover, poor execution and a general lack of organizational preparedness. To set the business up for success, L&D must evolve the organization’s approach to workplace learning and development in order to help all employees find their performance/development balance.

During this session, we’ll share proven practices for balancing performance and development in the modern workplace. We’ll explore examples from well-known companies that have found this balance and realized measurable results. We’ll offer a framework talent development professionals can apply to address workplace challenges with this balance in mind. We’ll discuss the role technology, including AI and personalized learning, can play in supporting this balance. Finally, we’ll provide a set of resources participants can use to start applying this concept within their organization.

How Do I Build a Modern Learning Technology Ecosystem? | Time tbd.

Speakers: JD Dillon (Axonify), Dani Johnson (RedThread Research), David Kelly (eLearning Guild), Chad Udell (Float)
Learning management systems. Learning experience platforms. Microlearning platforms. Adaptive learning platforms. Social learning platforms. Employee engagement apps. Sales enablement tools. There is a seemingly never-ending supply of technology options in the talent development space. Practitioners are bombarded with marketing materials and sponsored presentations. Exhibition halls are the size of multiple football fields. In addition to ongoing innovation from existing suppliers, it seems like new tools come to market almost every week. How can a talent development professional, who is already overloaded with their day-to-day responsibilities, possibly keep up? And when it comes to finding right-fit technology that can help them deliver a modern learning experience for their employees, where should they even begin?

This panel brings together a veteran group of talent development professionals with diverse backgrounds and roles. We will leverage the panelists’ decades of experience as TD practitioners, senior decision-makers, technology developers, human capital researchers, professional association leaders and industry authors will be leveraged to answer questions and help participants understand the current and future state of learning technology. We will focus on the human experience and how to leverage the right mix of technology, including learning-purposed and work-purposed, tools to help people develop their skills and improve their performance. In addition to open question and answer, which will take up the bulk of the session, we will share new research and insights from a variety of industries and organizations that are changing the way they think about learning technology. We will explore the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and the important role it will play within talent development. We will also provide a curated website with technology resources, including a conversation guide that can be used during the event expo to facilitate improved technology discussions. Participants will walk away armed with an improved understanding of the practical role right-fit technology can play in enabling workplace learning and support.


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