ATD China Summit

October 21, 2020 | Location: Online
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The pandemic in early 2020 was a surprise test for the recent corporate talent development strategy. ATD’s new Talent Development Capability Model also clearly states that digital transformation is one of the biggest change factors that L&D professionals need to face. In follow-up work, how should the TD department combine the digital innovation methods to help enterprises develop, condense, and retain digital talent more quickly and effectively? And how does it realize its own digital transformation? There is no way that we can talk about digitalization without personally experiencing it. Combined with the theme of the meeting, the ATD 2020 China Summit will be fully upgraded and a high-level virtual summit will be created through digital means. ATD will integrate domestic and foreign excellent learning leader resources, break regional boundaries, and enter the digital environment with you to explore the important topic of talent development in digital transformation.

Session Details

Ruthless (Efficiency): AI and the Not-So-Distant Future of Learning

Date/Time: Thursday, October 22, 2020 @ 9am CST
Speaker(s): JD Dillon

Time. It’s the biggest barrier to effective workplace learning. Skill development takes time, but this reality clashes with operational priorities. Employees don’t have time to engage in learning activities because they are focused on their day-to-day work. L&D doesn’t have time to address every challenge the organization is facing yet alone the pile of requests they receive from stakeholders. No one can create more time, but time can be leveraged differently through improved prioritization and resourcing. Join us for a conversation about the not-so-distant future of L&D and find out how you can defeat time by becoming ruthlessly efficient in your approach to modern workplace learning.


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