ATD Japan Summit

December 10, 2020 | Location: Online
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Find tools and build skills to help you adjust to the new workplace normal. Join us virtually on December 10-11 and learn about the different approaches to reboarding workforces and how to maintain a healthy and stable remote work environment, translating training into strategy and techniques applicable to the virtual business landscape.

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Where Do I Start? Architecting a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker(s): JD Dillon

Traditional learning methods cannot keep up with our changing workplace reality. Talent development can no longer limit itself to formal training and structured programs. Instead, we must adopt a holistic view of employee development and leverage the full workplace ecosystem. We must expand our toolkit and develop new skills that will enable us to keep pace with the changing needs of our people and our business. Join us for an exploration of the practical and proven Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework, a pandemic-proof approach to learning in the new workplace.


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