ATD New England 2020 Area Conference

March 26, 2020 | Location: Norwood, MA | USA

The ATD New England Area Conference brings together chapter members from around the region to promote L&D industry awareness and skill development. The theme of this year’s 10th anniversary event is “envision the future of talent development” and will focus on techniques, technologies and transformations for the decade ahead.

Getting Started with AI in L&D | Friday, March 27, 2020 | Time Tbd.

In this session, JD Dillon explains how Artificial intelligence is changing the way work is done. Marketing. Logistics. Safety. HR. AI-enabled technology is quickly becoming the engine that drives execution within a modern business. But what about L&D? While we will not be the first team to introduce AI in our organizations, we cannot risk falling behind when it comes to the impact AI is having on our workplaces. So how should L&D teams prepare for adoption of AI-enabled technologies? How can L&D professionals apply AI to improve the impact of learning on employee performance? And, most importantly, what should the L&D function look like in an organization where AI and automation have fundamentally changed the way people approach their work? Let’s discuss!

We’ll explore the impact AI will have on workplace learning and performance within the next 5 years. We’ll begin by dissecting the influence of AI on the employee experience, including both the automation and humanization of work. Then, we’ll identify a range of AI applications within L&D, including personalization, performance support, advanced analytics and content development. We’ll discuss the changes L&D must make to our approach maximize our AI potential, including new skill requirements for L&D professionals. We’ll take a deep dive into data and demonstrate why L&D must evolve beyond antiquated, ineffective measurement models to power AI-enabled technology. Finally, we’ll address critical AI considerations, including privacy, transparency and governance. You’ll walk away with everything you’ll need to kickstart your own AI conversation with your stakeholders and peers.


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