ATD TechKnowledge 2019

February 6, 2019 | Location: West Palm Beach, FL

The Learning Technology Conference for Talent Development Professionals

Augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, microlearning, and adaptive learning are no longer buzz words—they’re here to stay. It’s time to embrace the new learning landscape. Whether you’re tech-forward, tech-curious, or tech-savvy, at ATD TechKnowledge you’ll discover what’s hot in learning tech from practical how-to’s, advanced strategy and solutions, and everything in between. This is your one stop for e-learning, mobile and social, trending technology, virtual classroom, and much more!

Session details:

Right Size Fits One: Getting Started With Adaptive Learning
Wednesday, February 6, 10:15-11:15AM, Ballroom B

L&D professionals are often forced to make a difficult choice: support the specific needs of individual employees or provide generic training to the entire company. Unfortunately, due to resource limitations and the pace of business, scale almost always wins. This fosters a one-size-fits-all approach to learning that fails to engage employees, falls short of driving business results and brings the value of L&D into question. In order to meet the needs of today’s employees, L&D must become capable of providing right-fit solutions at the scale of modern business.

This persistent challenge along with advancements in workplace data and technology have led to the emergence of adaptive learning. This represents a tremendous opportunity for L&D, but it also comes with considerable challenges. Not only must L&D evolve their practices to enable adaptive learning experiences, but they must also get past the industry hype to discover critical fundamental principles. Otherwise, L&D risks turning adaptive learning into just another trend.

This session will demystify the concept of adaptive learning. We’ll dissect the converging forces that are transforming the workplace learning experience, including data, technology, self-direction and microlearning. We’ll show you how to capture the workplace data needed to create adaptive learning experiences. We’ll demonstrate how you can shift your design practices in order to build content to fit adaptive model. Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of enabling adaptive employees as well as an agile, proactive L&D team.


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