August 29, 2021 | Location: Online + Salt Lake City, UT

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Session Details

Shattering The Way L&D Thinks About Measurement

Speaker(s): JD Dillon

The most well-known learning measurement models have been around for decades, and yet the industry continues to struggle with its measurement practices. We’re great with surveys. We have plenty of test scores. We know who completed the training, how long they took and what they clicked along the way. But most L&D teams still cannot answer critical stakeholder questions. Is the training actually working? Which tactics are having the greatest impact? Why should we invest more resources into employee development?

In this session, we’ll break down why traditional approaches will never fix our learning measurement problem. We’ll highlight proven practices from Marketing that can help transform our measurement mindset. We’ll discuss the qualities of “good data” and demonstrate how organizations can improve their data practices through the application of modern learning tactics, including microlearning, as well as advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence. We’ll work together to apply our new practices to solve familiar talent development challenges, including how to prove the impact of learning on workplace performance and business results. Participants will walk away from this session with the tools and insight they need to build their own right-fit learning measurement strategies.


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