HR Management Institute East

February 23, 2020 | Location: Amelia Island, FLA | USA

HR Management Institute Easy is a gathering of Chief HR Officer and VPs of HR from Fortune 1000 sized organizations across the U.S. to evaluate strategies, consider leading technologies, compare emerging platforms, benchmark against global strategic trends and more importantly, to arm yourself with the tools and actionable insights necessary to engage and lead your organization.

Session details:

JD Dillon | Perform Today, Upskill for Tomorrow – Finding the Balance in Modern Talent Development | Date & Time tbd.

To survive (and thrive) during an era of non-stop disruption, organizations must be able to learn and adapt quickly. Continuous learning must be a fundamental value in the modern workplace. After all, even the most innovative business strategies will fail if employees do not have the knowledge and skills needed to execute. However, 79% of CEOs are worried their current workforces do not have the necessary skills (PwC). To make matters worse, 54% of employees will need significant reskilling and upskilling to meet changing market demands (World Economic Forum).

Industry attention may be shifting quickly to the skill needs of the not-so-distant future, but employees still need support to do their best work today. Otherwise, they may not stick around to help you face the challenges of tomorrow. This is why a modern approach to talent development requires a balance between performance enablement and ongoing development.


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