Innovations in On-The-Job Training

October 19, 2018

Innovations in On-the-Job Training Masters Series Webinar

On-the-job training is critical for results, do you apply breakthrough innovations?

Join us at’s member-exclusive online event, The Masters Series – Innovations in On-the-Job Training.  The dynamic full-day event will prepare you to, use, manage and best impact your learners by using powerful technologies and focused techniques while maximizing retention.  Our experienced presenters imparted the latest innovations that are key to organizations achieving their learning and performance goals.

Keynote Session: 5 Minutes Per Day – How to Build a Workplace Learning Habit

The keynote is open to all TMN members.  

People learn most of what they need to do their jobs by just doing their jobs. However, we don’t learn EVERYTHING we need to perform at our max from experience alone. Problems arise. Shortcuts develop. New skills are required for the next role. As organizations strive to do more with less and the pace of change continues to accelerate, time for additional training almost always goes by the wayside. As a result, organizations are slow to learn and become more easily disrupted. But what if training didn’t always require lengthy chunks of time people never have? What if the opportunity to develop fit snugly into 5-minute gaps in the average workday? What if training was a regular part of the day – like brushing your teeth?

Let’s explore the power of habit in workplace learning! In this webinar I’ll show you:

  • How to find 5 unproductive minutes in any employee’s workday that can be leveraged for targeted learning opportunities
  • Methods for designing on-the-job learning experiences that fit into moments not hours
  • How this concept can enable popular L&D tactics, including learning science, microlearning and personalization
  • Best practices for engaging and motivating employees to build their daily learning habit
  • Examples from organizations that are recognizing measurable business impact from just 5 minutes of daily, targeted learning

Let’s work together to drive frontline performance in all the right ways.