Learning Solutions 2021

May 3, 2021 | Location: Online

Year after year, Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is the L&D event that gathers learning professions from around the global together to share, connect and grow. This two-week digital event features 120+ sessions that will push you forward and one-of-a-kind networking. Join us in sharing what works for learning!

Session Details

Ruthless – AI and the Not-So-Distant Future of Learning

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 @ 11am ET
Speaker(s): JD Dillon

Time. It’s the biggest barrier to effective workplace learning. Skill development takes time, but this reality clashes with operational priorities. Employees don’t have time to engage in learning activities because they are focused on their day-to-day work. L&D doesn’t have time to address every challenge the organization is facing yet alone the pile of requests they receive from stakeholders. No one can create more time. Time can be leveraged differently with improved prioritization and resourcing. However, until every business puts learning at the top of its strategic list, time will continue to be a major obstacle to L&D effectiveness. L&D must reimagine it’s practices within the context of the modern workplace and apply new tactics that will finally mitigate the challenge of time.

In this session you will learn how to overcome the challenge of limited time by applying modern learning tactics that will make you ruthlessly efficient in your L&D practices. This session will delve into the emerging role of artificial intelligence (AI) to help L&D professionals build and deliver targeted solutions faster. We’ll begin by focusing on the employee. You’ll see how personalization and microlearning can connect people to the right solutions at the right times. We’ll then shift our attention to internal L&D practices and learn how to improve your content agility with AI-enabled development tools and a results-focused design approach. Finally, we’ll explore the connection between efficiency and measurement. You’ll see how to leverage data to get the most value from your learning investments. Overall, this session will prepare you for the not-so-distant future of workplace learning by improving your learning efficiency so you can finally defeat the ultimate nemesis of employee development: time.‬‬


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