“The manufacturers who will succeed are not the ones who work harder, but the ones whose frontlines can learn faster and work smarter.”

In the smart, connected and digital world where organizations are collecting mountains of information, manufacturing and supply chain leaders are harnessing the power of big data to make strategic decisions that drive their business forward. These data-driven decisions are enabling organizations to transform everything from their products to their processes and production models. But there’s still an enormous opportunity that remains largely untapped: their people.

The reason for this is two-fold: Firstly, traditional training programs don’t engage employees or drive the kind of participation rates needed to impact change. And secondly, they don’t capture the kind of information and insights around frontline knowledge and behaviors required to make informed business decisions. What’s more, these traditional training programs can’t keep up with the pace of digital operations, which means frontline knowledge and skills quickly become irrelevant or obsolete and employees fall behind.

Join Carol Leaman (CEO of Axonify) on Thursday, June 13th from 2 – 3 pm EDT as she discusses how leading manufacturers are adopting a smarter, modern approach to training to drive operational excellence through their people. She will also explore how:

  • Engaging your frontline with adaptive and personalized training drives improvements in quality, productivity and performance
  • Microlearning enables you to make data-based training decisions that drive the right behaviors and positively impact business performance
  • Organizations are using microlearning in the real world to drive operational excellence

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Date: June 13, 2019
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm (est)

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