Thanks for telling us about your frontline heroes

Nominations for frontline heroes are now closed. We loved hearing about and sharing all your amazing stories about the frontline workers you admire. You can read about them in the gallery below. Thank you for joining us in our mission to give frontline employees everywhere the support and kudos they deserve. #bekindtothefrontline


Heather Daum

Medical Hero
Nominated by: Lyndsey Daum

"She is an emergency room nurse in Columbus, Ohio. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she's volunteered to work the coronavirus testing clinic and the call center. She also cares for multiple coronavirus patients that come to her hospital. She's been exposed to at least one coworker and had to get swabbed ... She is a hero and deserves to be recognized for her hard work and the emotional strain she works through every day."



Retail Hero
Nominated by: Dawn Smith

"I want to nominate Alex from my local Zehrs. While shopping, I was looking for toilet paper and the shelves were empty. I asked Alex if there happened to be a secret stash elsewhere in the store, and he replied that there wasn't. Later, as I was leaving the check-out, Alex spotted me again and asked if I was desperate for toilet paper, as he'd purchased some for himself that was still in his car, and he'd give me a pack if I needed it. Offering his own supplies for those in need is definitely going above and beyond! Thanks Alex!"


Jenn Daniells

Retail Hero
Nominated by: Jonathan Tang

"Jenn works at Shopper's Drug Mart. She has always been super-friendly, optimistic and helpful whenever someone was looking for something. Everyone who knows her know they can count on her calming presence, even in these stressful times. She is still working at Shopper's right now through the coronavirus crisis, getting people what they need (especially when they are sick with the flu or who knows what else). I can't imagine the stress of going to work and knowing the risk, but she is truly making a big difference in her community."


Michael Georgeneau

Travel Hero
Nominated by: Kyle Georgeneau

"Michael works for the public transit in St. Catharines in the paratransit division. He drives people to their hospital appointments, brings them to get groceries and does what he needs to do to help people. Michael selflessly goes to work everyday knowing that he's helping people maintain their quality of life. Without people like Michael, our transit system wouldn't be as good as it is today."

Terence Alkin

Mavor Reilly

David Parkes

Karen Stoodley

Pedro Torres

Jen Carlucci

Debra Valvo

Bryanna Tucker

Leona Green

Patrick Fong

Tayloure James

Razia Begum

Angela “The Beatlemaniac”

Jenn Daniells

Henley Parfect

Tony Pham

Erin McClure Robb

Michael & Ashraf

Kyle Sessions

Shaminder Bamrah

Rachel Scott & Heather Scott

Ethan Austin

Kobe Krow

Rob Mitchell

Michelle Beck Bischer

Lola Rosser

Annie Odoms

Moris Espiritu

Jacque Clemins

Eric Gonzalez



Sarah Vitello

Caitlin Hiller

Kelly Chavez

Hilary Fairbank

Jennifer Bartman

Dominique Shea

Navi Bal

Sona Siegel

Teresita Armstrong

Ling W.


Stephanie Mendenhall

Bloomie Berkovits

Hilary Fairbank

Stephanie Loe MD

Desiree Lilley

Charles Harvey

Blessy Suresh

Maria Dilorenzo

Chris Roe

Kristen Starkey Hanauer

Kinisha Labadie

Summer Azmat

Sally Huerta

Brandon Ku

Jeanette Lachance

Dr. Denise Haberle Kroog

Melissa Todice

Lynn Kurowski

Debbie & Leah

Maria Williams

Lauren Onsager

Delainy Krebs

Sheila Schmid

Gary Hague

Kristina McCollum

Linda Woodley

Christian Feijo

Amanda Yehia

Waqas Ullah

Jennifer Boyer

Kathleen Ostry

Alison Griffin

Katelyn Duffy

Shaicha Batiste

Iman Sutton

Cleaners at Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

UC Acosta


Timothy Morgan

Vicki Parr

Yuri Williams

Kelly Kragy

Samantha (Sam) Demetrious

Julie Moore

Jen Dignam

Mona Browne

Dr. Sarah Rinaldi

Sarah McCarthy

Elizabeth Von Steun

Jessica Cerqueira

Laura Bone

Nicole Hanna

Heather Thompson

Angela Clancy

Brantford General Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department

Lorie West

Krysta Lee

Rachel Chabot

Robyn Laycock

Jeff Burton

Katelyn Merrylees

Christina McDonald RN

Anastasia Zvonek

Kristin Walch

Janice Brown RRT

Anne-Marie Zajdlik

Holly Stone

Joanne McClure

Janice Brown

Corrie Bignell

Katie Demetrious

Erin Duffy

David Kaminskas

Hayley Hamilton

Prem Kumar Rajamani

Leslie Gallagher

Brittany Hastings

Amanda Burnett

Brad & Katy Fox

Jennifer Upshaw

Hamid Lari MD

Brennen McDaniel

Virginia Mora Ponce

Kathleen Pickard

Alexus Batiste

Stewart Spence

Amy Avila

Kaity Skelley

Alaina Mandrapilias

Michaela Fearon-Lang

Cindy Hong

Tammy Paige

Sim Sunner-Basra

Karla Barber

Leah Stello

Victoria Lange

Mary Evangelista

Elaine Hassan

John Gajasan

Cathy Li

Christine Ashton

Caleb Tamayo

Michelle Parker

Eliana Cabrera

Chantal Chartrand

Melissa Hosni

Alex Joachim

Katy Nelsen

Dr Harold Farber

Natasha Smith

Jessica Murray

Ferdinand William Ordono

Annalisa Estrada

Renee Mendonca

Larissa Fon Tendo

Javlin Marcelino

Danny Cortes & Emily McCleary

Emily Cheever

Josh Mcburney

Marie Romero

Dan Stolte

Sandra Harrison

Marie Garcia

Katie Palomo

Jennifer Daniels

Dwayne Gaines

Mark Hackenberg

Carleen Mitchneck

Marcus Bellamy

Ashelin Copeland

Ivan Padilla

Sherry Cagle

Latasha Rollins

David Wade

Dr. Grant Campbell

Sarah Helms

Sarah Bellestri Shih

Linda Shamoum

Tara Maddux

Svitlana Kartavtseva

Laura Wood

Jessica Chin

Kelly Chin

Angela Bendorf

Melissa Lynch

Kalee Cody

Christina Caputo

Geraldine Epping

Kristen Ivanics

Kyesha Hall

Linda Shamoun

Wajma Soltan

Louie Mahmood

Lana Tan

Lynn Kurowski

Kirsty Chapman

Paloma Falcao

Jennifer Tham

Cindy Bowman

Rebecca Cusick

Olga Isakova

Veronica Rose

Dr. Venkata Buddharaju

Natalia Dabrowska

Emily Synoski

Miriam Rammal

Loren Martelli

Manju Abraham

Maria Anna Mae Ines

Mina M.

Kristen M Morgan

Shana Langley

Maryalice Manning

Elizabeth Au

Kim Heath

Mandy Choi

Audra Henderson

Michael Hamilton

Kaley Belg

Monique Hogan

Angie Middleton

Deb Haden, RN ICU

Elizabeth Menefee


Delainy Krebs

Aishah Ramirez

Danielle Holmes Hinkson

Kimberly Russo

Yajaira Wouters

Priscilla Weaver

Kimberly Hundley

Eloisa Fernandez

Brian Rich

Violet Brown

Denise Cashiola

Crystal Sims

Abisheha K Carlis

Lisa Barone

Laura Campion

Alla Prokhovnik

Carolyn Sweetapple

Leela Carver, RN

Robert Davis

Renee & Rhea Mendonca

Candice Simeoni

Officer Lane Harper

Karey Bramhill

Mike See

Ellen Ross

Larizza Juarez

Jason Rivera

Krista LeSage

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