Free basic training to support your onboarding needs.

You’re dealing with a surge in demand across your business. Let us take one thing off your list: training the influx of new associates. Access our Grocery 101 – Basic Training course for free. This one-hour training course covers five main themes that give your new grocery associates a basic understanding of the critical behaviors for succeeding in their roles. It features 12 modules, all with video and reinforcement questions, to make the learning really stick.

The training material includes…

  • Acknowledging and Engaging Customers
  • Hygiene & Contamination
  • Protecting Others from Infection
    • When to Wash Your Hands
    • Washing Your Hands
    • Preventing Contamination
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Person-to-Food Contamination
  • Front End
    • Item Separation
    • Bagging Procedures
  • Safety
    • Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Center Store
    • Receiving & Organizing Inventory
    • Stocking Shelves

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