What if you could drive business results by engaging your people and changing their behavior?

Well, fortunately for Walmart, specific divisions of your company have already experienced phenomenal results with Axonify’s modern approach to associate training. See the timeline of our history together:


Here’s how Walmart is building a world-class learning culture with Axonify

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Building associate knowledge that translates to on-the-job action.

Here's tangible proof of the great things our companies have been able to accomplish together.

Build a higher-performing workforce

Want more proof of what effective training can do for your associates — and your bottom line? Check out these powerful results from well-known businesses:

Boost your competitive advantage

Your frontline associates play a role in shaping your customer experience. What they know — and don’t — directly impacts brand loyalty, and the size of a purchase.

Build knowledge fast

Reduce time to onboard and train on new topics like launches and promotions.

Contact in real-time

Get important announcements from HQ to your frontline, fast.

Boost morale

Instantly increase engagement with a learning experience associates enjoy.

Drive performance

Deliver on CX and increase sales with smart associates.

Bloomingdale’s proves training saved $3 million in 1 year

Learn how Axonify boosted associate knowledge at Bloomingdale's and had a major impact on this retail giant’s business.


Drive frontline performance with a new approach.

To support a modern workplace and workforce, you need to make your training programs fun, fast and effective.

Make info stick

Personalize and ingrain critical knowledge in each individual employee.

Keep people safe

Change frontline behavior on the road and in the warehouse.

Create culture

Unite and inspire people to live and breathe your company values.

Measure results

See the impact of training on the bottom-line results of your business.

75,000+ employees’ daily safety questions help make a change in behavior.

Read how Walmart Logistics has achieved stunning safety results by building employee knowledge and translating it into job action.


Empower your agents to provide the best service.

Ingrain knowledge, change behavior and build the confidence your agents need to perform—in just 3-5 minutes a shift.

Reduce ramp time

Ingrain knowledge in new hires fast, so they can get on the phones.

Build confidence

When agents know their stuff, confidence grows—and so do results.

Improve CSAT

When your agents have the right answers, you’ll improve your scores.

Measure results

See how training directly impacts the metrics that matter.

Solving customer issues faster with fewer complaints.

Find out how BT improved customer satisfaction while significantly reducing onboarding time, repeat customer calls and call-handling time.


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