Empower your agents to provide the best service

Ingrain knowledge, change behavior and build the confidence your agents need to perform—in just 3-5 minutes a shift.

Reduce ramp time

Ingrain knowledge in new hires fast, so they can get on the phones.

Build confidence

When agents know their stuff, confidence grows—and so do results.

Improve CSAT

When your agents have the right answers, you’ll improve your scores.

Measure results

See how training directly impacts the metrics that matter.

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Call Center leaders, it’s time to re-imagine agent onboarding

It takes an average of 11.5 weeks to onboard a new agent, and one in three will leave within a year. With a new approach to training, you can speed up time-to-competency, engage agents and continuously build the knowledge they need to deliver the best service.

The only microlearning platform built for contact center performance

With Axonify, you’ll fuel performance by engaging your agents in learning that’s fast, fun, personalized and woven right into their shift.

  • Easily adapt learning to fill in each agent’s individual knowledge gaps
  • Ingrain knowledge deep enough to promote the right behaviors and inspire confidence
  • Make a direct and measurable impact on results with a performance-based approach to learning

Solving customer issues faster with fewer complaints.

Find out how BT improved customer satisfaction while significantly reducing onboarding time, repeat customer calls and call-handling time.

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