Drive frontline performance with a new approach

To support a modern workplace and workforce, you need to make your training programs fun, fast and effective.

Make info stick

Personalize and ingrain critical knowledge in each individual employee.

Keep people safe

Change frontline behavior on the road and in the warehouse.

Create culture

Unite and inspire people to live and breathe your company values.

Measure results

See the impact of training on the bottom-line results of your business.


Build a world-class safety culture with a new approach to training that puts people first

Building a highly-engaged workforce and safety culture goes way beyond delivering yearly compliance training. Learn how to instill your values and keep people safe by ingraining knowledge deep enough to change behavior.

The microlearning platform built for distribution, logistics and transportation

Axonify is an engaging, powerful way to improve frontline knowledge and performance in just 3-5 minutes a day.

  • Deliver personalized, relevant training to employees in a way that’s fun, fast and engaging
  • Enable agility and reach your frontline quickly with critical information
  • Connect training to behavior change and business results

75,000+ employees across 150+ distribution centers receive daily safety questions to change behavior.

Read how Walmart Logistics has achieved stunning safety results by building employee knowledge and translating it into job action.

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