The secret to creating a higher-performing frontline in your bank is microlearning

A well-informed branch employee can mean the difference between keeping or losing a customer. Learn how to get it right with a modern approach to learning.

Enhance employee and advisor performance

Whether you’re a retail bank, insurance company or brokerage firm, what your employees know (and don’t) has a huge impact on your business.

Enable Sales

Enable sales

Build the knowledge and confidence needed to sell your suite of products.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk

Motivate employees to act in compliance by ingraining critical knowledge.

Thumbs Up Deliver on CX

Deliver on CX

Empower employees to deliver a great experience across the board.

Increase Engagement Rocket

Increase engagement

Boost morale with learning that employees and advisors genuinely enjoy.

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The only microlearning platform built for finance & insurance

With Axonify, you’ll fuel performance by engaging employees and advisors in learning that’s fast, fun, personalized and woven right into their workday.

  • Easily adapt learning to fill in each employee’s personal knowledge gaps
  • Ingrain knowledge deep enough to motivate the right behaviors on the job
  • Make a direct and measurable impact on results that matter with a performance-based approach to learning

John Hancock effectively onboards people of all ages, while reducing risk of errors.

Learn how Charles Rizzo, CFO at John Hancock, overhauled their onboarding program to boost employee knowledge and reduce risk across the organization.

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