Making every store your best store starts with your associates

Keeping your frontline associates happily engaged and performing consistently across every store is key to hitting your metrics. Again and again.

It’s tough out there for a retail operations leader

Despite your best efforts, some of your stores perform better than others. To understand why, look no further than your frontline people. Your associates are critical to your operational success. They’re your shrink stoppers. Your ADT (average dollar transaction) aces. Your process management masters. And your customer experience curators. But keeping a geographically dispersed and demographically diverse group of associates happily engaged and performing consistently, day in and day out, is challenging. While you can’t clone your best-performing stores, there are lots of things you can do to get associates across all your stores doing the right things, in the same way. Keep scrolling to get lots of great ideas you can put into play right now.

See how consistent behaviors drive top-line benefits

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Happy associates deliver stand-out experiences

Your associates arrive for their first day of work excited for all the possibilities a new role offers. But disengagement can set in quickly if they feel undervalued and overwhelmed. When you keep the lines of communication open and invest in their growth, performance, and happiness they keep delivering awesome in-store experiences that set your brand apart.

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Low turnover, high impact

You need a stable, high-performing frontline workforce to reach your operational targets. And that can be a tall order in retail, with its famously high turnover rates. Associate turnover not only costs the business money (after all, labor is your #1 expense), it disrupts in-store continuity and puts pressure on your managers to continually onboard new hires.

High turnover doesn’t have to be business as usual. When you start associates strong and keep a good thing going, they feel confident, valued and more inclined to stay loyal longer. Check out some things you can do right now to keep your turnover low and your operations running smoothly.


Get everyone on the same page

You can’t drive homogeneous associate behaviors across all your stores if you’re relying on communication methods that breed inconsistency. It’s time to ditch the old-school bulletin board posts and put the broken game of telephone to rest. Check out this infographic to see a better way to get the attention of all your frontline associates, in real-time, on the devices that make sense for them.


Take the holidays from hectic to happy

You don’t want to just survive the holiday shopping season; you want to win. With up to 30% of your sales taking place during this most wonderful time of year, a lot of moving parts need to come together in a magical way—from visual merchandising, product replenishment and promotions, to getting new hires up to speed and performing in a way that wows customers. We’ve put together a guide to help you transform your holiday season from stressful to sensational.



We want to help you make every store your best store.