Boost reps’ results with a new training approach

Ingrain knowledge, change behavior and build the confidence your reps need to bring in more business—in just 3-5 minutes a day.

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Reduce ramp time

Get new hires up to speed and contributing to your targets, faster.

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Build confidence

When reps know their stuff, self-assurance grows —and so do sales.

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Coach effectively

See what your reps know—and don’t—and zero-in on how to help.

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Measure results

See how training directly impacts sales performance and quota attainment.


Here’s everything you need to know about microlearning, and how to use it to drive sales

People are buzzing about microlearning, but we know there’s a lot of confusion around what microlearning is and isn’t. Learn what you need to know to make microlearning a success in your sales organization.

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The only microlearning platform built to drive sales performance.

With Axonify, you’ll fuel performance by engaging your reps in learning that’s fast, fun, personalized and woven right into their workday.

  • Easily adapt learning to fill in each person’s individual knowledge gaps
  • Ingrain knowledge deep enough to change behavior and inspire confidence
  • Make a direct and measurable impact on sales results with a performance-based approach to learning

Improving selling power by building employee expertise

By adding Axonify to its learning ecosystem, Ethicon has increased the overall knowledge levels of its sales reps, boosted their confidence and improved their sales effectiveness during customer engagements.

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