The problem is that traditional training methods don’t change employee behavior. Employees attend a training session and then forget most of the information. In fact, there’s something called the forgetting curve that shows that when information isn’t reinforced people forget 80% of it within 30 days. Is it any wonder that organizations cannot decrease safety incidents when people don’t remember the proper safety measures to take?

If leaders really want to make a difference to reduce safety incidents and entrench safety deeply into the organizational culture, they need to move beyond traditional safety training programs. They need to use an alternative approach to make safety a habit so that employees take the right actions automatically to prevent accidents on the job.

With the help of our microlearning platform, you can make your team aware of company safety policies and procedures through a unique training program that is proven to work much more effectively than one-time classroom training sessions or courses. To keep safety top of mind for your workers, the software platform delivers bite-sized pieces of safety information to your staff via any internet-connected device for a few minutes during every shift.

By presenting this information on an ongoing basis, this helps to ingrain it in their minds and ensure they remember what they need to do to stay safe at work. Since the training content also adapts automatically to the specific needs of each employee, the content is personalized to target the areas that each individual needs the most help understanding and remembering. Besides this, the training is gamified, meaning it includes game play, leaderboards and rewards, to make the learning process fun. To learn how this innovative approach to training is decreasing safety incidents in a leading organization, read the Walmart customer story.

Read the Walmart customer story


What Are Some Other Ways to Help Decrease Safety Incidents?


Promoting a culture of safety in your workplace is crucial. Get your staff members in a mode where they are actively living and talking about workplace safety on a daily basis.

Acting safely and being smart can also go a long way toward fostering a business environment where safety is always at the forefront of people’s minds. And ensuring employees are reminded continuously about how to handle safety incidents can be accomplished through our microlearning platform.


Through our platform, you won’t just be able to educate and inform your staff of workplace safety procedures. You will be able to track and measure your employees’ behaviors to keep abreast of their learning progress and training results.When you are able to quantify results, you will be able to alter your training program as needed depending on how certain employees are responding to the program. This will allow you to approach safety more proactively to help prevent incidents before they happen. Ours is truly a modern platform that is helping organizations create safer work environments for their employees that not only decrease the number of safety incidents, but reduce the high costs associated with them.


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Read the Walmart customer story to find out more about
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