Let’s talk about LXPs

The next big thing in workplace learning?

If the learning management system (LMS) is the most established, well-known workplace learning technology in the market, then the learning experience platform (LXP) is currently the most talked about.

LXPs are touted by many as “the next big thing” in corporate learning and employee upskilling. Despite being relatively new to the learning technology scene, the LXP market has grown to a $350M+, and is doubling every year.

So, what exactly is an LXP? And how is it different from the learning technology you’re used to, like the LMS?


The LXP defined

Learning experience platforms (LXPs) are corporate learning software platforms that provide employees with a consumer-like digital training experience.

LXPs can be considered an evolution of the LMS. Every platform is a little different, but every LXP tends to have a similar purpose and design. Where the LMS focuses on content administration and delivery, the LXP focuses on discovery, user experience and engagement.

Similarities and differences between LMS vs LXP

Store and deliver digital content=Store and deliver digital content
Curate online learning paths=Curate online learning paths
Focus on push training=Focus on pull learning
Complex, administrator-centric experience=Simple, user-centric experience
Looks and feels like corporate technology=Looks and feels like consumer technology
Content primarily hosted and delivered within system library=Content primarily aggregated and delivered from third-party libraries
Content usually assigned by administrator=Content usually discovered by search or recommendation
Basic data (completions, scores, surveys)=More robust analytics (search, preferences, likes, etc.)
Limited social capabilities=Sharing, discussion and rating capabilities
Closed: administrator handles most content upload and assignment=Open: users can upload and share content

Helpful vs. hypeful

A familiar user experience. Content that you can find via search or recommendations. No wonder the LXP is being compared to everyday technologies like Netflix and Google. It’s easy to see why there is so much LXP hype after just a few years in the marketplace.

When making a technology decision, it’s important to distinguish between help and hype. You need to get past the buzz and determine if an LXP is a good fit for your organization based on the true needs of your employees.

An LXP must help employees:

  • Easily discover high-value learning content
  • Expand their development opportunities through a library of meaningful content
  • Provide a personalized experience through intelligent content recommendations and self-directed options

The right LXP can simplify and expand your learning ecosystem to support ongoing professional development. It can also put the employee in the driver’s seat, giving them greater control over their digital learning experience.

Things to consider when evaluating an LXP

LXPs are all the rage right now. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype and make the wrong technology decision for your organization and your employees. So, before you try to figure out which platform is the best fit, start with one question…

Who do you need to support?

Broadly speaking, employees fall into one of two groups: corporate or frontline.

Corporate employees are your 9-5 office types. They work at desks, are on (or have access to) their computers for much of the day, have corporate email addresses and control their daily schedule and workflow.

Frontline employees are typically spread out across locations, work irregular hours, may not have easy access to corporate computers or devices and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to training each day. These factors make them considerably more difficult to engage with training.

LXPs are a great way to expand the learning ecosystem and give employees more control over their own development. But, because these two groups do very different work, their training needs and, therefore, the technology needed to support them, will differ greatly.

Divided image showing a man in business attire with a computer on one side, and wearing overalls with painting equipment on the other

So, who do you need to train?

Frontline employees are traditionally difficult to reach for ongoing development. They have limited time in their workdays and may not regularly use internet-connected devices. Yet, they still have learning and development needs, just like corporate employees. Your training strategy must meet the frontline where they are and help them balance everyday priorities with future-focused skill development.

An LMS is designed to deliver lengthy, structured training content. It can be very difficult for a frontline employee to access an LMS and complete assigned or on-demand training during their shift. For these reasons, a traditional LMS does not fit the needs of the frontline.

An LXP aggregates and recommends content from a variety of sources in one easy-to-access place. This helps employees find content that better fits their needs and availability. An LXP often has a better mobile experience, which allows employees to access content when and where they need it rather than relying on structured training.

LXPs on the Frontline

An LXP may fall short of meeting frontline employee training needs based on the unique requirements of this type of work. Not only must the learning experience fit into the frontline workflow, but it must also deliver a simple learning experience that focuses on the most important topics for each employee. Otherwise, employees will waste their time completing training they don’t need, and this disengagement will extend to future training offerings. LXPs are usually search and discovery driven. Frontline employees do not have the time to explore large content catalogues to find the resources they need. LXPs often use limited data to make content recommendations, further limiting the likelihood that a frontline employee will find exactly what they need when they need it.
For an LXP to work with a frontline audience, it must be accessible from any device, provide a simple, targeted learning experience, and fit into the frontline workflow.

90% of employees indicate that the ability to access information from anywhere, at any time is important to them. Learn more about what frontline employees want from training in this recent Ipsos report.

Corporate employees are easier to reach for ongoing development. They have control over their schedules and use computers or mobile devices for most of their workday. This makes it easy for them to connect to the tools and content they need to build their skills. An LXP may be a great fit for this group. An LXP can provide a single “front door” for off-the-shelf learning content on common topics, such as management and technical skills, aggregated from a wide variety of sources. This makes it easier for corporate employees to find content on the skills they want to develop into the future.

So, what does this mean for you if you:

If you already have a LXP, you may have noticed limitations when it comes to the ability to support frontline employees through this technology. For example, it may be difficult for employees to find time to break away from the operation to search for new content. But there’s good news! You can continue to leverage your LXP as a learning hub for your corporate employees while augmenting your ecosystem with a tool designed specifically for the frontline.

Your LXP + Axonify

Axonify provides a personalized, engaging learning experience that fits seamlessly into an employee’s busy workday. Axonify can be used alongside your LXP to provide a learning experience that fits the needs of every employee—corporate and frontline.

AudienceCorporate employees*Frontline employees
Use CaseOn-demand training on general workplace skillsDaily training on key business priorities and essential skill development
GoalProvide employee development opportunitiesSolves measurable business problems through improved frontline performance
Key StakeholderHROperations
EngagementInfrequent (approximately 5 – 15% of users per month)Regular (approximately 85% of users per week)
CapabilitiesContent search and recommendationAdaptive learning, on-demand performance support
MeasurementContent access and completion, user preferences and feedbackContent completion, user knowledge growth, job behaviors, business results, learning impact

*Corporate employees may also benefit from the regular use of Axonify’s core capabilities, including adaptive learning, microlearning, gamification and reinforcement.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to assume you’re looking for a way to extend your learning ecosystem and give your employees more control over their ongoing development.

That’s where we come in…

Axonify is an LXP for a frontline workforce

We combine the core features of an LXP with advanced capabilities designed specifically for the frontline employee.

  • Personalization: Axonify adapts the learning experience to each employee to help them focus on the training they need to improve their performance on the job. This happens every time an employee logs into the platform.
  • Content: Axonify can leverage content from a variety of sources and provides personal recommendations for on-demand training and resources.
  • Integration: Axonify integrates with your LMS, HRIS and other workplace technologies in order to provide the content and data you need to power personalized learning for the frontline.
  • Blended Learning: Learning doesn’t just happen online. Axonify supports a variety of workplace learning activities, including digital content, on-the-job tasks, coaching and instructor-led training.
  • Simple Experience: Axonify is easy to use for every employee, no matter their technology background. The platform guides every user through personalized training and then provides plenty of options for additional activity.
  • Measurement: Axonify uses a robust data profile to determine how training is (or is not) impacting your business results. This helps your team proactively adjust your strategy and prioritize what really matters to employee performance.

More than an LXP. We’re the ultimate solution for frontline enablement.

Axonify takes the best learning technology has to offer—from the LMS to the LXP—and brings it to the frontline workforce. We provide personalized learning that meets every employee’s individual development needs as well as your business’ top priorities. The Axonify experience is so simple, impactful and engaging that 83% of our users worldwide come back 2 to 3 times per week. This unprecedented level of engagement provides the data we need to power our AI, adapt to the needs of each employee and measure the impact of your training on business results.

Axonify will help you enable your employees to do their best work every day.

We can’t wait to see what your organization can achieve.