5 steps to aligning L&D with business leadership

  1. Establish business leadership objectives

    L&D Initiatives need a problem to solve or metric to affect in order to be truly relevant. Work with business leaders in your organization to uncover their goals and identify areas for improvement, where your programs can impact their objectives.

  2. Identify desired employee behaviors / actions

    Pinpoint specific behaviors your employees need to exhibit in order to achieve success and impact the business objective. What do they need to do to sell more, deliver better customer service, or be safer in the workplace?

  3. Identify required employee knowledge

    Focus on the most important things your people need to know in order to take the right actions. Then, give employees easy access to additional information they may need from time to time at their fingertips.

  4. Engage the modern worker

    Build a learning ecosystem that engages your team. Make learning fun, continuous, bite-sized, mobile, social, and personalized. When a team is engaged in a healthy modern learning ecosystem, the desired results will happen!

  5. Measure success

    Let the results do the talking! Implement tools that allow you to measure everything from employee knowledge growth through to behaviors that impact business performance. That way you can demonstrate ROI to business leadership, and prove your programs made a real difference.

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Take a ‘business first’ approach to learning with Axonify

Axonify provides L&D leaders and corporate executives with the tools to strategically approach knowledge-building and drive business outcomes first. Our microlearning platform is being used by forward-thinking organizations, like Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and others, that recognize that ‘learning’ can (and should) contribute meaningfully to business.


Why it works

The Axonify team works with your organization to identify the business goals you’d like to affect. Then, your Axonify microlearning platform kicks in to build knowledge and translate goals into actions, so employees can become top-notch performers.

More About Modern Learning

Our award-winning approach follows a continuous learning methodology that uses microlearning, knowledge-on-demand performance support capabilities, and gamification to engage your employees ongoing in the knowledge-building process.

But what really sets Axonify apart is its ability to track employee behaviors that drive your business goals and objectives and link employee knowledge to corporate performance. So you can measure the impact of learning on the business (money made, or saved by your business).

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