A wealth of microlearning data powers Axonify's AI engine.

It’s all about the data

AI can only do its magic when it has the right data to work with. Our platform generates a wealth of quality microlearning data from each employee’s daily training session. We’re not talking about simple test scores or completions; we capture more than 10 data points for every question answered, for every employee, every time—including subject, proficiency, progress, number of times answering a question, difficulty, knowledge lift, confidence and more. Because that’s what our AI-powered engine needs to truly customize training in a meaningful way.

Personalized training for every frontline employee

Our AI-powered engine continually adapts each employee’s daily learning experience based on past and current behaviors, plus the goals that are most important to your business. Then it makes sure employees are actually applying what they’ve learned on the frontlines. When the AI detects behaviors that could be putting your business at risk, it kicks into gear to quickly close the knowledge gaps. And all of this happens automatically—no matter how big your frontline workforce grows, Axonify will keep pace.

Axonify automatically adapts to each employee's daily learning experience.
Axonify's AI-powered engine shows you the business impact of training

Clearly see the business impact of training

When data is this good you want to wring out as much value as you can. So our AI-powered engine also taps it to measure how the things your frontline learns drive business results and performance—right down to the specific employee. Since you can clearly see which programs make the biggest difference, how knowledge and participation influence results, and even when monthly sales targets are at risk, you can adjust your learning strategies on the fly to focus on making the changes that will make the biggest difference.

Built with purpose to get results on the frontlines

Axonify was built on a foundation of smarter AI. It’s why global powerhouses like Walmart and Bloomingdale’s trust us to help them understand the critical connection between what their frontline employees know and how their business grows.

Companies like Levi's, At Home, Walmart, BT, Bloomingdale's, Merck, Festival Foods, Gusto 54 Restaurant Group, John Hancock and others choose Axonify.
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We can’t wait to see what your organization can achieve.