We always include content with the Axonify platform—even the custom stuff

With the right mix of questions and video, your frontline will always have the training content they need to drive your competitive advantage.

All roads lead to great content.

Creating content in Axonify is simple and flexible. Use any combination of our tools and services to deliver engaging video and question-based content that drives results.


Keep what’s working

Use your existing content in Axonify without worrying about compatibility.

Learn from experts

Our team is always there to help you create content that aligns with your goals.

Build for results

Our tools make it easy to manage content—and perform stakeholder reviews.

Save time

We offer thousands of ‘ready to go’ video and micro-topics you can use.

Deliver content on our platform

Deliver pre-existing content in almost any format.

Reusing your tried-and-true content in the Axonify Microlearning Platform™ is easy and painless.

Axonify supports a variety of media including video uploads, YouTube, Vimeo, xAPI, SCORM, third-party hyperlinks, images and text, allowing you to add or adapt your content in the platform with ease.

Create content yourself, or recruit our team.

If you’re looking for new content, you have the ability to create it in-house, or have our team of Instructional Designers do it for you.

Want to do it yourself? We’ll teach you the ins-and-outs of building results-focused microlearning content, help you determine prioritized business goals and how to use our built-in tools.

Want our help? We can do that too, and work with you along the way. Axonify’s approach to content is flexible and allows you to combine options to fit what’s best for your organization.

Training Plan on Our Platform
Crafting results-focused content on our platform

Use the right tools to craft results-focused content.

The Axonify platform comes with built-in tools that guide you through our proven “results-first” approach to developing content that impacts business.

Creating content in Axonify is easy with streamlined workflows and powerful search, editing and publishing tools that will help you work smarter—and do more with fewer clicks. Managing content creation is simplified even further with built-in stakeholder reviews and content-change history to help you stay on top of things.

Select from thousands of ‘ready to go’ video microlearning topics in Axonify Exchange™

If you don’t have the bandwidth to create your own content, we’ve got a solution that will get you up-and-running fast. The Axonify Exchange™ is a powerful library of video-based microlearning topics built to engage your workforce and drive results.

Our library offers thousands of topics that address today’s top business challenges, like compliance, cybersecurity, workplace safety, sales and more across a variety of industries. And every topic comes loaded with the right mix of video, reinforcement questions, behavior observation templates and even performance support resources.

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Axonify Content Library Example

The content conversation

Hear customers’ first reactions to Content Exchange and how it will change the way they work.


Questions about our content solutions? We’d love to help you out.