Dig deeper into how Axonify makes learning measurement possible

With a complete picture of how learning impacts business performance, organizations can pull strategic levers in real-time to get results.

Make data-driven training decisions

With the complete picture on learning, organizations can pull strategic training levers in real-time that yield the greatest business impact.

Measure Behaviors

Track behaviors and automatically fill individual gaps.

Understand impact

Know which programs are working, and which ones aren’t.

Get agile

Tweak underperforming programs to stay on target.

Drive results

Empower managers to act when goals are at risk.

Get real-time insights on the business impact of training

Set individual, team or company level business targets, tag the training programs that correspond to them and Axonify Impact will tell you what’s working.

Get detailed insight on how knowledge, participation and even demographic factors impact your business targets like sales, shrink, safety, customer satisfaction or virtually any KPI your business tracks and trains on with Axonify.

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Measurement Features

Make data-driven training decisions

With Impact, you’ll know exactly what training topics are translating into behaviors and performance.

And when programs aren’t impacting results the way you thought they would, you can proactively respond by determining the root cause using data.

Capture on-the-job behaviors

Axonify Impact allows you to define on-the-job behaviors that correlate to business goals, then observe and track those behaviors in the platform.

You can then fine-tune learning and identify coaching opportunities for managers based on what you’re observing.

See what each of your associates know, and don't know, quickly
Set Business Targets

Set smart alerts for frontline managers

Leaders can set business targets at a team, location or individual employee level. Then Axonify Impact provides frontline managers with a real-time view into whether their teams are on target.

When a business target is at risk, frontline managers are alerted to what they need to do to get things back on track.

Automatically self-heal training gaps

Axonify Impact closes the loop on learning by feeding gaps (both behavioral and business) back into our AI-powered platform to push out refresher training to get things back on track.

Axonify takes care of the heavy lifting so that frontline managers can focus on coaching and solving day-to-day operational challenges.

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