Our brains just aren’t designed to retain a firehose of information.

Instead of pushing out long, one-size-fits-all training that people won’t remember, choose an approach designed for the way our brains actually work. Learning must be short, continuous (spaced out over time) and actively tested in order to work.

Metrics- Continuous and Adaptive Learning

Beat the forgetting curve

Thanks to foundational cognitive psychology research, we know more about how the brain learns than ever before.

When concepts like the spacing effect, retrieval practice and confidence-based assessment are incorporated into your approach, you can make learning stick, so it translates into performance.

How we use brain science

Ready to build the foundation of your learning ecosystem on brain science?

Take our assessment to see where you’re at, and where you need to go—to ingrain the knowledge your people need to be successful.

Build and measure confidence needed to perform

Research shows that knowledge and confidence in that knowledge is required for people to act quickly, confidently and reliably on the job.

When you can measure both knowledge and confidence levels—and work to improve them—you move your team towards doing the right things.

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Axonify Confidence Measurement
Screenshot showing personalization within the Axonify Microlearning Platform

Turn learning into business performance

People have to make decisions multiple times per day on the job, whether it’s what to say to a potential customer to make the sale, or how to use a ladder to avoid injury.

Progressive organizations are turning to an approach powered by learning science to ensure their people have the knowledge they need to perform in the moment.

Decreasing escalations by equipping employees with the right skill set and confidence.

Discover how a training approach built on brain science principles is empowering MCAP employees to deliver exceptional customer service.

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