Don’t be afraid to get your game on

What’s the real value of gamifying learning? Engagement and participation! Incorporating the right mechanics will keep people coming back for more—and that means great things for your business.

Take the boring out of learning

The gamification of learning is buzzing for a reason—it makes learning fun for people of all ages.

So when you use the right game mechanics, like leaderboards, points and rewards, you’ll drive up the fun factor and get high levels of voluntary participation.

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If you haven’t gamified your learning, you’re missing the boat on participation.

Explore how the right game mechanics can be wrapped around a learning experience to up the fun factor and drive voluntary participation!

Get the brain ready for learning transfer

We know some people are nervous to let their employees play games at work, but what if we told you that game play actually gets the brain ready for learning?

It’s true: game play is proven to put people into a state of flow and get their brains ready for successful learning transfer.

Reap the rewards (no pun intended)

It’s simple: when people enjoy a learning experience, they will seek out the next one—and learning will become a habit.

And when that learning translates into business-impacting behaviors, your bottom line will benefit.

Saving $2.2 million a year with a fun, engaging and gamified approach to training.

Read how Bloomingdale’s delivered safety training to 10,000+ employees, resulting in a reduction of safety incidents and millions in savings.

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We can’t wait to see what your organization can achieve.