CSA Exclusive: Q&A with Bob Phibbs, ‘The Retail Doctor’

A prominent industry thought leader sees trained employees and engaged customers as critical to retail success.

Chain Store Age recently had the opportunity to speak with Bob Phibbs, CEO of retail consulting firm The Retail Doctor, about how retailers can most effectively deploy technology to meet today’s most pressing challenges. Phibbs, who also serves as an American Express merchant advisor and IBM retail futurist, discussed topics including interactive video, BOPIS, and in-store cameras.

How can retailers effectively use leading-edge technology in the store?
“There are a couple of key things retailers can do with technology. They can augment simple tasks using a tablet or mobile device, such as checking stock, scheduling, and internal communications; or employees can use their own smartphones like walkie-talkies. But more importantly, retailers should use technology as a training platform.

“I’ve just partnered with Axonify to bring my training to their learning platform. Remember that gamification is a way to have an employee log into the system, play a quick game to focus their mind, and then better absorb training. Machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions can allow employees to pose additional questions as time goes on to deepen their knowledge. Our SalesRX online training platform enables employees to go through interactive videos. The key is to have great content, understand the role it plays so you can deepen it, and hold employees accountable. Know the percentage of employees who pass training and also how engaged they are.”

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