Holiday shopping in full swing and frontline employees are exhausted

The holiday shopping season, with long hours, crowds, and a rushed pace, is typically tiring for frontline employees.

But the 2020 season is very different. To get through this holiday season and beyond, retailers must ensure frontline employees have the skills and support they need to be engaged, rested, and resilient.

The holidays came early this year. Amazon rescheduled Prime Day in October, and other retailers followed suit with a pre-emptive sales push. Consumers started shopping early to avoid any possible in-store crowds and avoid delays in online purchase deliveries.

Even though many retailers are now in high gear for the holidays, frontline employees have been in high gear most of the year. Retail associates in essential verticals such as grocery and hardware went into crisis mode in March, developing and following health and safety protocols, keeping shelves stocked, and adjusting to new procedures such as curbside pickup and delivery. Frontline employees in other retail verticals have experienced the stress of working in non-essential businesses and struggling with reduced hours and furloughs.

With everything that’s going on, who isn’t exhausted? Nonetheless, businesses continue to rely on frontline employees. They’re the ones on the floor, on the phone and on the move, working directly with customers. They must also play a critical role in helping companies build new levels of operational agility.

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