Retail’s covid response: 71% of frontline retail workers say employers have taken the right actions to keep colleagues and customers safe

Retailers’ efforts to keep employees and customers safe during the covid-19 pandemic have been recognised by frontline retail workers, the latest research from Axonify, the modern training and communication solution for frontline associates, reveals.

Original research of over 2,000 frontline workers in its ‘The State of Frontline Employee Training 2020’ report revealed that 71% of UK frontline retail staff felt the companies they work for had taken action to keep customers safe, while a further 70% agreed their employer had taken appropriate action to keep staff safe during the pandemic.  And, as the UK faces its second wave of coronavirus, 60% of retail staff felt that their employer’s initial response to covid-19 had better placed the business to deal with future crises, rising to two thirds (66%) of supermarket workers.

During the pandemic, store associates have had to navigate constantly shifting safety guidance – from managing occupancy to policing the wearing of face coverings and adapting to new rigorous hygiene and cleaning routines, all while delivering CX for shoppers at a safe distance.  Almost two thirds (65%) of supermarket workers and two fifths (39%) of retail staff said they had taken off new tasks and roles during the covid-19.

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