Survey: Many frontline workers feel left behind

A new survey indicates four in 10 frontline associates perceive a lack of preparation for their job.

According to the annual Global State of Frontline Employee Training Study conducted in July/August 2020 by global market research firm Arlington Research for frontline employee training solution provider Axonify, 39% of all respondents don’t feel prepared to do their job in the current environment.

The survey of 2,000 frontline employees across a range of industries including retail from the U.S., U.K. and Australia also shows 30% of frontline workers don’t trust their employers or are ambivalent about their employer’s ability to deliver the training they need to do their jobs effectively, with associates in the U.S. having the lowest confidence (64%).

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 49% of all respondents had been furloughed, with fewer in the U.S. (31%) compared to Australia (59%) and the U.K. (57%). However, nearly all furloughed employees indicated there was some form of contact while being furloughed (98%).

Issues arose when asked to describe the communications, with just under half of frontline employees said the communications were “relevant” to their job (46%), and only four in 10 described them as “reliable” (40%) and “timely” (39%).

Throughout the overall survey, grocery and retail workers scored lower than frontline workers in other industries. Only 61% of grocery store and 62% of retail employees felt supported by their manager, while professional sales employees (73%) and those working in contact centers (72%) felt more supported.

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