Training the Frontline Retail Employee: A Critical Asset

The online retail space is expanding. More and more, customers are opting out of leaving the comfort of their couches and opting in to same-day delivery on both everyday needs and spontaneous online purchases alike. In the advent of online shopping, brick-and-mortar retailers must add value to the customer experience in order to avoid obsolescence.

This task places frontline retail employees at the forefront of an organization’s efforts to develop customer loyalty and drive business success. However, according to Axonify’s “2019 State of Frontline Employee Workplace Training,” only 59% of frontline employees “feel the workplace training they receive helps them succeed on the job.” Moreover, 30% of frontline retail workers don’t receive any formal training at all.

How can your retail employees demonstrate the value of your company’s brand, products and services if they are not equipped with the knowledge to do so?

Let’s evaluate the critical — and changing — role your retail employees play in supporting your company’s bottom line, as well as the delivery modalities and content strategies that are most effective for training the front line.

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