We Owe It to Frontline Workers to Support Them in Our Next Normal

About two weeks into the coronavirus pandemic, I was at the grocery store making small talk with the cashier through a plexiglass shield. She was exhausted. Stressed.

As she finished with my groceries, she saw that none of the products she’d scanned had actually been registered by the system. She had to start all over again, fighting back tears.

In that moment, I felt even more grateful for her and the millions of frontline workers who continue showing up to work through this pandemic – holding it together and prioritizing others’ needs over their own. From pharmacy cashiers to delivery drivers to customer service reps, frontline workers are a critical link in the chain that has kept our world turning through the coronavirus pandemic. They make up 80% of the global workforce and, without a doubt, they are the heroes of COVID-19.

But it’s not just during crisis that frontline workers keep our families, communities and businesses running smoothly. It’s every single day. And they deserve to be celebrated and supported every single day. Because they’ve always been heroes. And they will continue to don their capes long after this pandemic ends.

How to deliver the support your frontline needs

It’s now abundantly clear that championing the success of frontline workers is the quickest, smartest route to navigating change, wowing customers and driving sales. The reality that none of us like to admit is that, despite their importance, we haven’t always given them the appreciation they deserve.

With retail companies facing an unprecedented high turnover rate of 81%, surprisingly they haven’t invested in their learning and development because they incorrectly see frontline employees as disposable. The current global crisis shows this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As North America begins to return to business, it’s now up to retail leaders to keep the frontline top of mind. Here are four concrete ways you can deliver ongoing support to frontline workers as they navigate an uncertain world in COVID-19 and beyond.

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Let’s work together to drive frontline performance in all the right ways.