What Good Runners Taught Me About Good Training Data

Imagine every morning you wake up, tie on a pair of runners, and hit the pavement. Race day is around the corner, and you’ve been training hard. Between finally achieving your pace and surviving to tell the tale, you’re proud – the effort has been months or even years in the making.

To get to this point, you’ve trained continuously. You tried a few programs, kept what made you better, and scrapped what didn’t. And over time, you got better.

But wait – how do you know what made you better? How did you measure the impact your training had on achieving that goal?

For runners, it’s pretty simple. Distance. Speed. Time. Heart rate. Recovery time. Muscle gain. Weight loss. There is lots of physical evidence that shows whether the program you follow is making an impact – and it’s easy to quantify it with a simple app, smartwatch, or spreadsheet.

Here’s the exciting news for HR: the same is now possible for L&D and HR teams that want to report on the impact their workplace training has on long-term business results.

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