What Today’s Tech Founders Can Learn from Companies That Survived the 2008 Financial Crisis

The 2008 financial crisis wiped capital away from the startup ecosystem overnight, causing many companies to go under. Despite the economic uncertainty, many of today’s tech leaders were founded in the wake of 2008. From Silicon Valley darlings like Airbnb and Square to homegrown Canadian success stories like Wave and Axonify, entrepreneurship did not die with the Great Recession.

Like the 2008 financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive upheaval. According to Cisco’s Small Business Resiliency Guide, 72 percent of all small business owners say that COVID-19 will have permanent effects on the way they run their business.

Having now experienced both crises, Axonify CEO Carol Leaman and Wave CEO Kirk Simpson shared their insights with BetaKit on what today’s new founders need to do to survive the pandemic.

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