What does it take to transform your frontline into a high-performing workforce?

Keep the learning going

Ramp up employees faster with daily bursts of the right information at the right time, structured so they can operate at peak performance levels.

Keep them in the loop

Keep your workforce aligned and informed with real-time broadcast messages that communicate the latest standards, processes or urgent updates.

Give them what they need

Empower employees to confidently make the right decisions with access to the information they need, when and where they need it.

Make them feel appreciated

Encourage healthy competition and motivate employees to keep learning with rewards and recognition—all while building a positive, connected culture.

Build a more engaged, high-performing frontline in just 3-5 minutes per day

Platform Features Training

Axonify is the solution that lets you reach frontline workers without pulling them away from the places you need them to perform

  • It reinforces the right knowledge and behaviors to makes sure employees remember to do the things that keep your operation running smoothly.
  • It delivers personalized, bite-sized bursts of training in the way people learn best.
  • It fits right into the workflow and is fun, fast and engaging to use.
  • It combines common industrial safety training topics and custom-built content for best results.
  • It provides real-time insights into how the platform is driving the metrics that matter most to your business.

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