An LXP that actually works with the way the frontline works

Business evolves quickly. Your frontline’s skills should too. But traditional learning experiences make it tough for them to keep pace. They’re too busy helping customers, taking calls and fulfilling orders to browse through a giant content catalogue or watch random videos to find what they need to learn. They deserve a simple, personalized learning experience that fits into their workflow and makes every minute spent on their skill development count.

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The world already has enough learning experience platforms out there that don’t meet the needs of the frontline. That’s why we’ve taken all of the things you’d expect from your LXP and reimagined them with your frontline in mind. You get peace of mind that your employees stay focused on developing the skills that matter. They get a fast, personalized experience they can access in the flow of work.

Roles are constantly changing. Operational demands shift and customer needs evolve. Give your frontline a learning experience that keeps them prepared for whatever comes next—without distracting them from what matters today. Embed short bursts of personalized training focused on the things they need most, right into their everyday workflow.


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Your learning solution will only get results if your frontline employees use it. Most LXPs don’t fit into the frontline workflow, so their engagement rates suffer. Our fun, fast, targeted learning experience sees an unmatched 83% engagement rate—nearly 10X higher than the average LXP. Points, rewards and leaderboards all work together to create an irresistible learning experience that keeps employees coming back for more.


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Make learning a part of the job, with an experience that fits into the busy frontline workday. In less than 5 minutes your frontline employees can practice the skills they need the most help with. Plus, every single session in Axonify takes into account what each individual knows, doesn’t know and needs to know. So you can deliver a personalized experience that goes beyond course recommendations.


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Make it easy for your frontline employees to find content that’s relevant to their role on the devices they use everyday. Intelligent search scans every resource—including videos, topics, learning paths, compliance certifications, articles and performance support tools—to serve up the right information in a matter of seconds.


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Give your frontline managers reporting that goes beyond content consumption and topic search results. Empower them with meaningful data they can actually action. Reporting dashboards make it easy for them to understand where their employees are experts, and what they need to work on. So coaching opportunities are more meaningful. Plus, learning leaders can easily connect the impact of training to metrics they care about—like customer satisfaction, sales, shrink and call handling times.


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Launching a new solution can be overwhelming without the right support. Don’t sweat it: we’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll gain a team of experts to guide you through implementation, and a dedicated customer success manager who’ll keep you winning long after launch. From rollout strategy, content planning and enablement, to ongoing tips to help you get the most out of Axonify, we’ve got you covered.


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Easily bring together the training and workforce management tools you already use to deliver a streamlined experience for your frontline —and your admins. Use our out-of-the-box integrations or get creative with our open APIs.


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