The fastest way to train your frontline team

The traditional corporate LMS will never be an effective way to train your frontline employees. So, we’ve taken out the parts that you don’t need and custom-built a streamlined solution that fits into their workflow. Axonify Train is an LMS that cuts through the noise to quickly onboard your frontline teams with must-have knowledge that gets them contributing faster and providing excellent customer experiences. And since they feel well supported from day one, they’re more likely to stay with you longer.

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Training frontline employees love

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Provide faster, more effective onboarding


Pull the right mix of topics, events and on-the-job training activities into structured learning paths that set your frontline up for success. Learners can easily see where to start and what they’ll need to do to stay on track to start contributing in their roles.

Make compliance training unignorable


Give your frontline employees compliance training that’s intuitive to complete. Automate the compliance process so you can spend less time following up and more time on higher-value initiatives.

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Close the skill gaps

Support your frontline with ongoing skill development that helps them do their jobs well today, then prepares them for whatever comes next—whether it’s a new business challenge or the next step in their career.

Collect actionable data

Check the pulse on your frontline’s training with insights into completion rates, scores, compliance progress and milestones. This makes it easier for your frontline managers to spot the right coaching opportunities, so they can make the most of their one-on-one time with their team.

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“Instead of taking weeks and months, we are able to complete 80-90% of standard certifications within just a few days.”
Mandy Monk
Chief Learning Officer

Axonify Train comes packed with must-have features for today’s frontline digital learning environment

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“Our onboarding ramp time reduced dramatically, from 35 days before Axonify to 10 days after Axonify. That’s saving us thousands of dollars per person.”

– Gianna Venturi, Chief People Officer, Eyemart Express

Take the first step in driving frontline performance with Axonify Train.