Taking eLearning and Agent Training to the Next Level

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ealearning training to the next level

It’s a conundrum that has plagued the customer service industry since its inception. Contact center agents are the front line of any business and their performance has a major impact on productivity, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. But they also have a far tougher job than most people imagine and too often, reps are hired in an expediency process and then rushed into the trenches with inadequate or ineffective training. This results in confusion and frustration which inevitably leads to an unacceptable attrition rate that dramatically increases the cost of contact center operation.

Adding to the dilemma are the challenges of providing productive educational experiences for outsourced personnel with different cultural backgrounds. But perhaps most problematical of all is creating programs that are relevant and produce the desired results for millennials raised in an environment where self-esteem is more important than achievement. Marie Ferrer, Senior Director of Training for Florida-based Great LearningWorks summed it up “The key is keeping millennials engaged”.

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